What's your Vinotype?

Look at the Vinotypes below and see which one described you the best!

There are a lot of wines out there, and picking one you’ll like often feels like a guessing game. That’s where your Vinotype comes in.

The Vinotype approach is a relatively new concept in the wine world. It moves away from food pairings and instead looks at recommending wines based on the flavor profiles you enjoy most. Take a look at the four Vinotype classifications and find the one that best matches your tastes



  • Loves sweet flavored coffee drinks
  • Hates artificial sweeteners
  • Loves salt, LOTS of it
  • Hates loud restaurants
  • Heat sensitive, very picky about the thermostat


  • Likes tea or sweetened coffee with a bit of milk
  • Dislikes artificial sweeteners but can tolerate them
  • Loves salt
  • Possesses a heightened sense of awareness or intuition
  • Loves soft towels, red wine, and chocolates


  • Likes varied, non-flavored coffee drinks or plain black coffee
  • Probably never tried an artificial sweetener
  • Likes salty snacks
  • Not easily flustered. Goes with the flow
  • Mediator who loves bringing people together


  • Likes black, unflavored coffee
  • Doesn’t mind artificial sweeteners
  • Finds most snacks too salty
  • Decisive, linear thinker
  • Loves intensity. The bigger the better!
  • Occasionally likes straight scotch or cognac

Now that you’ve discovered your Vinotype, check out the wine list below to find the Deer Creek wines you’ll like best. Pick them up in-store or order online today!

2020 Wine List