We’re people who love great food and great wine, and we know it’s the little things that can make all the difference when it comes to both.

At the winery we make and bottle our own wines as well as offer guests a variety of fine food options pairing everything with our wines.

We partner with high quality olive oil and vinegar companies to provide these great-tasting selections.

You can sample the Olive Grove line of products at any of our Deer Creek Winery locations in the Pittsburgh area, Seneca and Shippenville, PA.  We carry the full line at our main winery in Shippenville, PA.

The deep and luxurious flavor profiles will surprise you, and we’re sure once you taste the difference you’ll want to explore all the flavor options we have from sweet, savory, and spicy blends.

We’re proud to bring these fine products to your community, and know that everyone from the super foodie to the everyday cook will appreciate the taste..and difference in their homes.  We hope to see you soon for your very own personal product tasting. All of our stores have free tasting available.

Flavored Olive Oils

This versatile oil is a must-have in American kitchens and is used for:

  • Sautéing, browning, stir-frying & deep frying
  • Ingredients like marinades, sauces, mayonnaise, pesto, remesco, condiments & drizzles
  • Bread dipping and toppings

Olive oil is like wine; different olive oils for different purposes:

  • Strong, robust extra virgin olive oils can be used for cooking fish, meat, to make marinades, or to drizzle on strongly flavored ingredients like peppers or garlic.
  • Medium intensity, well-rounded extra virgin olive oil is great on mozzarella or for bread dipping, in a vinaigrette or used over steamed veggies and potatoes.
  • A mellow olive oil can be used from everything from baking cakes to making sauces and toppings like mayo.

Since heating olive oils causes alcohols and esters that make up its flavor, be sure to remember to add a little more flavorful oil after cooking.

Flavor Infusions

Flavor Infusions

We offer many various flavor infusions of olive oil.  Some bright and crisp, while others are spicy and rich.  Every flavor profile is carefully crafted to bring a unique personality to each olive oil, while allowing the true essence of this premium olive oil to shine through.

Mix and match with wine for volume pricing, saving up to $3 per bottle!

Health Benefits
Herb Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Citrus Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Aged Balsamic Vinegars


Tradition Balsamic vinegar is made from the juice of boiled down grapes, reduced to approximately 30% of its original volume.

It creates a concentrate and is fermented with a slow aging process; flavor intensifies over decades, as vinegar is kept in wooden casks of chestnut, cherry wood, ash, mulberry and juniper.

At the end of the 12, 18 or 25 year aging period, aged balsamic is produced. If vinegar doesn’t state an age, then it is not aged balsamic, and not the quality of vinegar for the discerning food lover!


Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Dark Balsamic Vinegar

The production of dark balsamic vinegar resembles that of wine making. Balsamic vinegar is an aged reduction of sweet Trebbiano grapes that are boiled in copper cauldrons, and reduced to 33% its original volume to a syrup-like base called “must”.  The resulting “must” is placed into wooden barrels and an older balsamic vinegar is added to assist in the acetification.

Dark balsamic has a sweeter, and longer finish than white balsamic, which is more tart.  Dark balsamic can also impart an earthy and rich flavor adding boldness to many dishes.

Our line of dark balsamic also comes in many flavor profiles fusing herbal, citrus, fruit, sweet, and savory notes into a variety of blends.

White Balsamic Vinegar