Dry vs. Sweet Wine: How Are They Made Differently?

Dry vs. sweet wines – that sparks a debate among many people and even wine-loving friends! It is quite a simple explanation, but people will debate the issue time and time again! Let’s break down how dry and sweet wines are made. Dry vs. Sweet Wine: The Wine-Making Process Simply put, all wines pretty much start out as a dry wine. Wine begins as a vat of juice from a food source. It has natural sugars that yeast will eat, which causes fermentation as it’s digested. Sugar can also be added to the juice to make the process even faster; more

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Wine Gifts: How to Know What Type to Give

It’s getting harder and harder to buy gifts for people.  We live in a culture of abundance. Everyone has everything they need and, often time,s want. What are you going to get them that they will use? You don’t want to give another tie or pair of earrings?  What about a gift certificate?  It fits, but it might seem a little impersonal.   Consumable gifts are nice, and they don’t sit around collecting dust!  A bottle of wine is a very traditional, appreciated gift. But what kind should you get? Is the label important? Somewhat, but it’s not like they’re

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What Wines Should You Be Drinking? Try Vinotyping

Use Vinotyping to Learn the Wines You’ll Love Not everyone loves wine, but if you do, drink the wines you LOVE. Or maybe you don’t like wine…YET!  Maybe there’s a wine out there that you would like, but haven’t been introduced to. There’s a simple test some wineries are using now to help people decide what kind of wines they like. It involves some simple questions about your everyday life. At the end, you have a range of wines that we bet you will LOVE!  It is based on years of personality research by Tim Hanni called Vinotyping. He has

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Deer Creek Wines That Pair With Your Vinotype

What’s The Hype With Vinotype? People are talking about taking a test and finding out what kind of wine they like…and more! Maybe they already knew when they come into Deer Creek Winery what kinds of wine they liked, but they didn’t know about the other personality traits our server knew about them from that very fact! “How did you know I like mochas?” or “No, I don’t like the tags on my shirts.” Beyond the fun we have at our winery with this new wine preference personality test, we can find the Deer Creek wines you will LOVE! Let’s

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Vinotype Wine Personality Quiz

There are many reasons why it’s important to know why you like the wine you do and to know what wines to ask for. If you’re new to wine, you may be unsure which wine to drink – there are so many choices! Take the Vinotype Wine Personality Quiz Here Let’s look as some real-life situations that can sometimes be a little stressful where you want glass of wine to enjoy, not endure! Visiting a new winery: You look at the list and most of the names are different than you’re used to. You’re being asked what you want to

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