Deer Creek Winery: Our Wine History

There’s something truly special about this land. The Brooks family has owned it for 5 generations. For as long as anyone can remember, our land has always grown the finest raspberries and other brambles. So as we plunged forth on faith alone and opened Deer Creek Winery in 2009, it made sense to start with what we knew. Our first wine was a delicious 100% raspberry wine. We’ve implemented mass production methods in the years since. Our skills as vintners, like our wines, have grown better with age. Since those early years, we’ve evolved into a beautiful PA winery bed

Tips to Enjoy a Successful Winery Weekend Getaway

When you think of a perfect destination for a romantic getaway, a winery probably comes to mind. It might be because there’s so many elements to a winery getaway — from the atmosphere, to the privacy, to the intimate tasting room, to the outdoor seating with a fireplace, to the scenery.  And, you can’t forget the wine! Whatever it is, you’ll be happy to know many wineries offer you more than just dozens of wines to try. They also offer a relaxing destination to spend the night.

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Deer Creek Winery & Holiday Traditions

While enjoying a nice chilled glass of Rocky Ridge with frozen berries while baking cookies with family members is my favorite tradition, I can’t help but think of the beginning. Starting with the process of making our wine, bottling the wine with a great team, delivering to all our locations, and presenting our great products to you as a consumer is the best part of what we do here at Deer Creek Winery. Each wine has a special story as to its creation as well as pairings and suggestions from our team. When you come into any of our locations,

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