Business Travel Tips: 5 Reasons to Stay at an Inn B&B

The most serious business travelers spend a lot of time on the road. They sleep in unfamiliar beds and eat unfamiliar meals in unfamiliar places.

Some of the time, these road warriors would say, business travel can involve exhilarating stops full of new experiences, places, people. More often, however, it’s an exhausting, repetitive, dull parade of meetings and cookie-cutter hotel rooms.

So if you’re planning some business travel (for yourself or a team of employees), choose a home away from home for your accommodations. You may even stumble upon some “rustic relaxation” in the heart of rural Western PA. 

Upcoming Business Travel? 5 Reasons to Stay at an Inn B&B

Let’s hope your upcoming business trip won’t be too hectic. We all know a series of meetings needed to seal the deal or develop strategy can be stressful. Here are 5 reasons to stay at an inn B&B:

1. Get off the Beaten Path

Work may take you to the big city. If that’s a little fast paced for your taste, a countryside retreat may be exactly what you need.

Go off the grid, even for just a little while. Let yourself disconnect. It’ll clear your head and help you focus.

2. Commitment to Comfort

Perhaps you’ve been put up in a cheap chain hotel during previous work travel opportunities. If so, you know the drill:

  • All the rooms are the same
  • You can’t decompress and get comfortable
  • Sleep doesn’t come easily
  • You wake up groggy and ill prepared for the next day of meetings

Avoid that and pamper yourself this time. A small, quaint inn B&B is not designed to be a revolving door for guests seeking a convenient place to lay their heads for the night. It’s designed to be a safe haven tucked away from life’s stresses, a place to unwind and recharge.

At a mainstream hotel, you could be one of dozens or even hundreds of other guests. Remember how long it took to get room service that one night? Yuck, cold food!

So consider filling one of only 8 uniquely design guestrooms any given night. The service would certainly be catered to you. (Helpful hint: The in-room hot tubs and fireplaces will only help your cause for relaxation.)

3. A Wine Lover’s Paradise

Let’s say you do end up at an inn B&B in a beautiful, secluded place. How wonderful would it be if it also featured a winery on the premises?

If you’re a wine connoisseur (or even if you just enjoy a nice glass of wine from time to time), you can sample a wide selection or stick with your favorite style, perhaps a sweet sangria or a  semi-dry riesling.

4. Nature’s Remedy

Have you ever noticed how good you feel after taking a walk in the countryside? The air is more crisp and pure. It just makes you feel alive.

There’s something to be said for nature’s touch – a soothing salve for the heart and soul. Now, imagine how good that’ll make you feel as the stress rolls off your shoulders after a rough day of work meetings.

This land has been truly special for our family for 5 generations; now let it be truly special for you.

5. But You’re Still Connected

Okay, okay, so we’ve said so much about getting away from it all while you can on your business trip. But, of course, that’s not so easy.

No worries! Your connection to the outside world and your professional responsibilities don’t actually have to stop. You can still use the free WiFi to stay connected to your many devices and send/receive important notifications.

But after you’ve officially clocked out for the day, how about you tackle those emails or read that report from the comfort of the inn B&B by a fireplace with a favorite glass of wine?

Pick a Relaxing Inn B&B for Your Next Business Trip

We hope by now you see we’re pointing you toward a laid-back business trip with us. Actually, not only can you stay at our beautiful inn B&B, but you could also schedule your entire business conference with us. Why stop there? Schedule a workplace holiday party or family get-together here.

The possibilities are nearly limitless. Let’s give them a shot.

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