Wine Spotlight: Introducing Black Berry Bling, A Marriage of 2 Great Wines

This uniquely delicious wine is a delightful combination of two Deer Creek favorites — Backwoods Blackberry and Fryburg White!

This wine is perfect as the weather is getting warmer, which is why it is in the spotlight at Deer Creek right now!

Why We Love Black Berry Bling:

Our Backwoods Blackberry and Fryburg White wines are so delicious, we tried a blend of them and we were wow-ed from the very first taste!  We let our team try our new creation (one of the many perks of working at our Shippenville Main location) and they loved it too!  We wanted a fun name for it and that’s how we came up with Black Berry Bling and added even more “bling” with a the gem picture on the label.

We think people will love this combination and we’ll have to get another batch started soon!

Taste Profile:

Take a sip and you taste the tart blackberry with a really smooth, sweet finish of the Niagara grape!  You’ll be glad after that first sip that you purchased more than a bottle — it is that good!


Black Berry Bling is in the Sweet Vinotype category, for those having the most taste buds.

But as always, we encourage everyone to try this wine at least once!


Young fruit wines, like Black Berry Bling should be stored upright and consumed within 6 months of purchase.  They are not meant to sit in your wine rack and age.

But make sure you keep the bottle for decorating! The label makes the bottle perfect for DIY wine crafts, and will make any room in your home beautiful.

Pairings & Recipes:

It is a great wine to enjoy with friends while sitting around talking or with dessert. Just imagine it with a piece of blackberry topped cheesecake!

A quick wine drink can be made with it by adding:

Download this recipe card, print it out, and save it to make this delicious cocktail creation:

Don’t forget to share it with us using #BlackBerryBling!

Other Wines You’ll Like:

If you like this, you will also love our Berry Wild Sangria and Fawn Catawba.  Come in and try them all soon!

Where to Buy:

All of our outlet locations (and our main winery) will carry this bottle as of May 3rd, 2018, and our stores are sorted by Vinotype so it will be super easy to find!

Be sure to check out local stores throughout PA that carry our wine, there might be a spot even closer than you think!

Pick up a bottle of Black Berry Bling, and enjoy with your friends and family!

Stay tuned for our next wine in the spotlight!