Wine Spotlight: Deer Creek Raspberry

For our first spotlight wine — we wanted to highlight the first wine we ever sold. Afterall, we opened our doors in September, 2009, offering only this one wine!  We had a couple acres of raspberries on our land and then decided to start a winery using those raspberries grown right here! It was quite laborious to get all of them picked at just the right time, but it was ever so rewarding when people came and loved our Deer Creek Raspberry wine!  It has been on our wine list ever since and will continue to be! It is 100% raspberry with no artificial colorings or flavorings.

At the time, we had also made a dry Raspberry Royale with toasted almonds, but it didn’t sell as much and we discontinued it after 9 years.  But stay tuned, because we may bring it back out for a limited edition!

What does Deer Creek Raspberry Taste Like?

It tastes like eating a handful of freshly picked raspberries from the field, with a little zing at the end! The raspberries are picked when they are at the peak of ripeness, so the full flavor comes out in the wine.

The wine is a 3 out of 4 on our sweetness scale.


Young fruit wines, like Deer Creek Raspberry should be stored upright and consumed within 6 months of purchase.  They are not meant to sit in your wine rack and age.

Deer Creek Raspberry Food Pairings

Deer Creek Raspberry is a great pairing with turkey, chicken, and dark chocolate!  

This signature wine is also used in our Deer Creek Raspberry sorbet — a delicious treat for the warmer months that can be picked up at any of our locations!


We use both the wine and the sorbet to create a delectable dessert that we serve with our specialty dinners at the main winery. Here’s how to make your own:

Top a fudge brownie with a scoop of the sorbet and a dollop of whipped cream and then drizzle 1 oz. of Deer Creek Raspberry wine over it all!

Pro Tip: I love mixing it half and half with our sparkling niagara wine, White Sizzle, for a sparkling raspberry treat!


Deer Creek Raspberry is best for the Hypersensitive Vinotype or semi-sweet.

People liking this type of wine are usually pretty sensitive in many areas and dislike: tags in their clothes, loud noises, crowded rooms, or artificial sweeteners.

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Where to Buy

All of our outlet locations (and our main winery) carry this bottle, and our stores are sorted by Vinotype so it will be super easy to find!

Be sure to check out local stores throughout PA that carry our wine, there might be a spot even closer than you think!









Don’t live in PA or DC? Not to worry. Shop online here to get your bottle of wine shipped to you!

Pick up a bottle of Deer Creek Raspberry, and enjoy with your friends and family!

Stay tuned for our next wine in the spotlight!