Deer Creek Winery: Our Wine History

There’s something truly special about this land.

The Brooks family has owned it for 5 generations. For as long as anyone can remember, our land has always grown the finest raspberries and other brambles. So as we plunged forth on faith alone and opened Deer Creek Winery in 2009, it made sense to start with what we knew. Our first wine was a delicious 100% raspberry wine.

We’ve implemented mass production methods in the years since. Our skills as vintners, like our wines, have grown better with age. Since those early years, we’ve evolved into a beautiful PA winery bed and breakfast. And we love to share what we love with you!

We now make wines for all vinotypes. Whether you’re a wine novice or a connoisseur, you’re sure to find a bottle of something you LOVE.

Here’s our wine history – how it all came together.

Our History: Making Wine

After venturing into business with raspberry wines, we slowly added about 15 others to the list.

Then came our Vino’s Limited Editions. We rolled those out, with names like:

  • Angry Antler
  • Pine City Plum
  • Rhonda’s Rhubarb
  • Summer Breeze Sangria
  • Cabernet Franc

Like a blue moon, they show up only once in awhile. And like a shooting star, they’re only here for so long.

Safe to say, they’re immensely popular.

Deer Creek Wines Near You

 Fast-Forward to Today

We now feature about 20 wines, on average, with a few others that come and go as special ingredients become available. The list typically includes the following names:

Fruit Wines

  • Autumn Breeze Apple
  • Backwoods Blackberry
  • Berry Wild Sangria
  • Buck Run Blue
  • Cranberry Craze
  • Cranberry Mist
  • Pear

White Wines

  • Classic White
  • Fryburg White
  • Riesling
  • White Sizzle Sparkling

Red Wines

  • Clarion Concord
  • Shippenville Red
  • Rustic Red
  • Merlot

Signature Raspberry Wines

  • Deer Creek Raspberry
  • Raspberry Royale

How Do We Do It?

We do it well – very well. For our different wines, we use juices from northeastern Pennsylvania and ferment it into the selections they love. The health conscious among us will be happy to know our wines are 100% natural.

  • No artificial colors or flavorings
  • Low sulfites

We keep it simple. Very few of our wines, with the exception of a few sangrias, feature varietals of grapes (most are 100% of 1 type of grape). Our customers know what to expect year after year.

Branching Out: 5 Outlet Locations 

Our wines grew more popular – very popular – and people began wondering how to get them more regularly. While the drive through picturesque Western PA is worth it, we understand wine excursions take planning.

So we brought the wine to them! We opened one outlet, then another, and now we have 5 outlet locations dotting the region in addition to the main winery in Shippenville, PA. They are located at:

  • Butler Clearview Mall
  • The Mall at Robinson
  • Hermitage Kohl’s Plaza
  • McCandless Crossing
  • Beaver Valley Mall

We also love meeting new friends at fairs and festivals (we’ve been to about 100 this year alone). We make every effort to please our wine connoisseurs, romantic getaway seekers, travel enthusiasts, and culture collectors.

Deer Creek Wines Near You