Why Not, Shippenville Red?

At the winery we are often asked why our most popular selling wine, Shippenville Red, is never the featured Wine of the Month? Frankly, this is a great question, but the most obvious answer is that it really never needed the extra attention that our other wines benefit from being Wine of the Month. Our Shippenville Red sweet Fredonia wine is from a grape known for its robust flavor. Thought to be a cousin to the Concord grape, the Fredonia grape, Vitis labrusca, makes some of Pennsylvania area’s best red sweet wines.

With Shippenville Red being the Wine of the Month, our customers will enjoy a $3 savings on it when purchased any two other bottles of wine (trio pricing) during the month of March. It will also pair great with most foods during your Easter holiday festivals, best served cold, and goes well with most any cheese. It is considered our go-to wine when pairing with special occasions. Stop in and taste Shippenville Red today. “Celebrate life’s pairings. This moment. Your life. Our wine.”