What Wines Should You Be Drinking? Try Vinotyping

Use Vinotyping to Learn the Wines You’ll Love

Not everyone loves wine, but if you do, drink the wines you LOVE.

Or maybe you don’t like wine…YET!  Maybe there’s a wine out there that you would like, but haven’t been introduced to.

There’s a simple test some wineries are using now to help people decide what kind of wines they like. It involves some simple questions about your everyday life. At the end, you have a range of wines that we bet you will LOVE!  It is based on years of personality research by Tim Hanni called Vinotyping. He has dwindled his research down to 9 questions that determine your perfect type of wine.

These questions are so easy, you can even answer them for a friend of yours and come up with what kind of wine they would like. That would be ideal for purchasing a gift or inviting them over for dinner!

What makes it even more fun is to read about the other personality traits that correspond to those questions.  You come away saying, “How did they know that? How would those questions also point to the fact I like to take my own pillow when I travel? Or, I am a good mediator with others and tend to calm the waters. All that from 9 little questions?”

Progressive wineries are educated in talking about the Vinotype of their wines. They’re not just saying that mature wine drinkers like dry wines and the newbies like sweet. It’s all in your taste buds, not your years of exposure!

Don’t waste any more money on trying various wines. Take the Vinotype test and buy from the selection you know you’ll LOVE!