Tips and Tricks for New Wine Drinkers

Are you a new wine drinker, but do not know where to start? Deer Creek Winery is here to help you out! Our tips and tricks will help you navigate a winery and the tasting counter like a pro.


Vinotyping is an easy way to find a wine you find a wine you love based off of things your tastebuds already like! Here at Deer Creek Winery we use vinotyping process to help new wine drinkers and new customers discover which of our wines they will leave loving. This is a great guide to helping you during your first trip to Deer Creek or any other winery and helping you select from our list of wines available online! Here’s a list of each vinotype. Which one do you fit into best?


  • Loves sweet flavored coffee drinks.
  • Hates artificial sweeteners.
  • Loves salt, LOTS of it.
  • Hates loud restaurants.
  • Heat sensitive, very picky about the thermostat.

Hyper-Sensitive or Semi-Sweet:

  • Likes tea or sweetened coffee with a bit of milk.
  • Dislikes artificial sweeteners, but can tolerate them.
  • Loves salt. 
  • Possesses a heightened sense of awareness or intuition
  • Loves soft towels, red wine, and chocolates

Sensitive or Semi-Dry:

  • Likes varied, non-flavored coffee drinks or plain black coffee.
  • Probably never tried an artificial sweetener.
  • Likes salty snacks.
  • Not easily flustered. Goes with the flow.
  • Mediator who loves bringing people together.

Tolerant or Dry: 

  • Likes black, unflavored coffee.
  • Doesn’t mind artificial sweeteners.
  • Finds most snacks too salty.
  • Decisive, linear thinker.
  • Loves intensity. The bigger the better!
  • Occasionally likes straight scotch or cognac.

Great DCW Wines for Beginners 

Now that you’ve found the vinotype that best fits you, here are some of our most popular wines of each vinotype that you can purchase in any of our stores or online! This list is perfect if you want to purchase some great DCW wines, but don’t have time to taste, or buy a gift for someone!


  • Shippenville Red: This is our #1 selling red wine. Made from Fredonia grapes.
  • Fryburg White: A wonderfully sweet and crisp white wine made from Niagara grapes. 
  • Berry Wild Sangria: A combination of raspberry, blueberry, apple and Riesing. The perfect gift for someone when you’re not sure what they like!   


  • Deer Creek Raspberry: Our first and signature wine made from 100% raspberries. 
  • Fawn Catawba: The perfect wine to start with for someone who is unsure. A sweet grape wine with a green apple finish. 


  • Backwoods Blackberry: A 100% blackberry wine. 
  • Sunset Steuben: Delicious rose with a grapefruit finish. 


  • Rocky Ridge: Delicate Seyval Blanc wine with a citrus pop. 
  • Rustic Red: Fruity medium bodied wine. 

Wine tasting can be intimidating but by understanding what you already love, you can find the perfect one for you! With six outlet locations, Deer Creek Winery has great staff to walk you through the vinotype process and walk away with a bottle or two or lovable Deer Creek wine.