The Floral Aromas of Our Wines

April showers bring May flowers. The floral aromas in wine are often referred to as “floral notes” The floral notes present in wine are actually the offspring of the wine making process and the types of grapes used. Much like your sense of taste, smell is open to the interpretation of your past experiences with flower aromas. The more trained or experienced you are, the better you are at defining the aroma, appreciating the complexity, and describing what makes it truly unique. So with you next glass of wine, really, really, stop and smell the roses.

Here are a few of our wines that are described as having floral notes. See what you find in each.

Riesling is described to smell of citrus blossoms that is a very complex aroma and thought to be desirable in white wines.

Pinot Grigio: Even though the flavors are often thought of as lime, green apple, lemon, and nectarine, the floral aroma we find is more honeysuckle.

Fryburg White: This sweet Niagara grape wine hints of citrus blossoms and other florals.