Why You Should Spend Your Spring Break at a PA Winery

Maybe you’re a junior or senior in college, balancing the the fun of college and the looming professional world, or maybe you’re a hardworking teacher who needs a break from the chaos of the classroom — either way, you know how important Spring Break can be for your mental health and relaxation. So why spend the time and money to plan an extravagant vacation somewhere far away, and packed with people, when you could relax at a cozy PA winery instead?

Here are five of the best reasons to spend your Spring Break at a winery:

5 Reasons to Spend Your Spring Break at a PA Winery

1. Relaxation Amenities

B&Bs are equipped with features that are not standard in every hotel. Whether it be an in-room fireplace to relax by or a therapeutic hot tub to soak in, you can truly wind down in the comfort of your own room with no pressure, and no other people around.  

Not to mention, the unique decor in each room of a B&B is much more homey and comforting than your standard, clinical hotel room! Are you obsessed with Paris? What about Italy? We have rooms that make you feel abroad, right here in PA. With many options to choose from, you can book the room that speaks to you the most.

2. Fun in Shippenville, PA and the Surrounding Area

Not only is the opportunity to visit the on-site winery and take a tour present, but also to explore the local area and try something new.Museums, seasonal outdoor activities, and scenic walks are all ready for you to explore whenever you feel like getting up and getting moving. Don’t feel like moving much? We think Netflix and board games in your room is just as fun too.

3. Your Dollar Goes Further

When you stay at a standard hotel, it seems like there is a sneaky price stuck in on your final bill for everything. When you stay at a B&B, the opposite happens! Everywhere you turn, there is a complimentary feature for you.

From homemade breakfast in the morning, to a bottle of wine awaiting in your room when you check in, to an on-site specialty coffee bar — you are going to feel pampered from check-in to check-out.

If saving money is important to you, you always want to err on the side of getting instead of giving more for your money, and a B&B is perfect for that.

4. Live Entertainment

Picture it: relaxing with a glass of your favorite wine or craft beer, and tapping your toes to some awesome music — included with the price of your stay..

Live music is a staple for a winery and B&B. Here at Deer Creek, we have free live music Friday-Sunday every single weekend. Everything from karaoke to country is featured, so you’re bound to find an act you love.

5. Accommodations for Everyone

Whether you’re looking to enjoy Spring Break as an intimate getaway with your partner or as a fun trip with your girlfriends, there is a package for you!

Not only are packages another great way to save money, but they also include fun elements that aren’t available with a standard stay! Love playing games with your girlfriends? Great! Looking forward to trying new wine with your partner? Amazing!

You can take advantage of our amazing Midwinter Memories package is available until March 28th — depending on when your break is, you can take advantage of this awesome deal! Call (814) 256-4371 to redeem!

No matter how you’re looking to spend your Spring Break — a winery is the perfect place to be.