Hello, Faithful Followers! I hope this post finds you well, sipping some sweet Strawberry wine from the new batch that was delivered just this week…

It still surprises me how many folks have yet to make the trip to beautiful little Shippenville, PA to visit our Main Winery here on Soap Fat Rd (The road sign alone is picture-worthy!). So today’s post will be all about the wonderful things we offer here at Main, in hopes that you will say to yourself, “Hey. That sounds like a great time. I think I’ll call my sister and plan a trip”.

For starters, the Main Winery is out in the country. Down a windy little road through the woods and fields of northwestern Pennsylvania. Green and lush, and that smell…you know what I’m talking about. Is it trees, moss, ferns? It’s that mixture which, upon exhalation, you are immediately relaxed. And you haven’t even arrived yet.

Upon finding the lovely little winery strung with grape lights and fluttering patio curtains, you are greeted like an old friend by one of the smiling faces of our staff. Wine tasting? Maybe in a minute; take a while to look around at everything there is to offer: DCW Café with flatbread pizzas, pretzels, and other tasty fare if you’re hungry. Wine (of course) if you’re thirsty, or try something new from the Coffee Grove. “A wine shot in my coffee!?” you might exclaim, “A mango smoothie?!” With over 15 flavors of Torani syrups & sauces and a state-of-the-art cappuccino machine (and any DCW wine to top it off!), the possibilities are endless.

As you make your way around you notice a beautiful room set back from the winery by 2 sets of French doors. You are standing at the threshold of Vino’s Den, our brand new event venue available for parties, meetings, family reunions, or any other get-together you can think of with up to 60 guests. Fresh paint, new windows, and beautiful lighting fixtures are just the basics. Vino’s Den features an art corner with rotating artists each month (Diane DeLarme is being featured for August). Soft-lit candles, privacy screens, and touches of raw wood and gingham throughout add to the comforting, “homey” feel and atmosphere of the entire winery.

If you’ve arrived on a Saturday and hang out until 2pm, you’ll be delighted to hear one (or 2 Sept-Nov!) of our area’s local performers strum away on the guitar, sing classic hits, or play the blues either inside Vino’s Den or out on our lawn. Let the music carry you away.

Go ahead, wander. Notice the balsamic vinegars and add a dash of Chipotle oil to your BBQ Chicken flatbread. Take a gander of the grounds, chat with some new friends (wineries have that effect on people), smile and relax to your heart’s content. Because that’s what it’s all about, kicking back and enjoying yourself. And what better place to do that than at our Main Winery on a gorgeous day with anything you might need right at your fingertips?

Sound too good to be true? Come see what everyone’s talking about. If you haven’t visited us for a while, take the time to Rediscover Deer Creek. Whether it’s on a weekend, at our annual Fall Fest in September, or for a cappuccino on your way to work, come see us. There’s always something happening here. And it’s always something fun 🙂