Plan Your Winery Christmas Party

Planning a Christmas party should be fun — not stressful! After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

If you’re already dreading the planning involved in getting the family together for a Christmas celebration, it’s time to consider having your Christmas party at a local winery

6 Reasons to Host a Winery Christmas Party

Not sure if having your party at a winery is right for you?

Check out some of the common Christmas party problems that hosting it at a winery can solve:

  1. Your Family Has Outgrown Your Home

Maybe you love hosting, but it simply isn’t feasible anymore with your growing family and available space. Wineries have a variety of cozy spaces to choose from, so you can fit everyone in the family easily.

2. Cooking For Everyone is Exhausting

It’s not easy to cook at home for a large family, and providing a variety of options that everyone enjoys can be difficult. Having your Christmas party catered at a winery completely eliminates all of this stress.

Plus, the food is delicious, too!

3. You Don’t Have to Worry About Cleanup

Similar to cooking for your whole family, cleaning for your whole family can be a task better fit for a team of people. Wineries have that team on hand and ready to handle the cleanup, so you don’t have to.

4. Tailor the Setup That’s Perfect for Your Family

Private party spaces at a winery are customizable for what’s best for your family. The winery staff can work with you to lay out a space that is perfect for family bonding, activities, and chatting all night long!

5. Out of Town Guests Have a Space to Stay

If you have family that is hesitant to fly in for Christmas because they’re not sure where to sleep, a winery with a B&B is the perfect place.

It is possible to even find a discount bundle for event venue rentals and Inn bookings — making it easier than ever to host family from all over the globe.

6. Wine, Of Course!

If you have wine lovers in your family (and who doesn’t?!) they’ll be delighted to find out that the Christmas party this year is happening at a winery.

Tastings are a simple way to pick out the perfect gift, too! If your sister tried a wine and loved it, buy her a bottle as a gift!

Work With a Dedicated Event Specialist

Are visions of the perfect party coming to mind as you read?

Contact an event specialist to help you plan the perfect winery Christmas party for your family today.