Picking the Right Wine for a BBQ

This summer is going to be filled with delicious BBQs and we all know that most everyone will be drinking beer, right? Nope. I for one would rather choose the correct bottle of wine that pairs with well the meal and quenches my thirst in the heat.

Don’t think about it, just chill it. Chilled wines are the best in the summer and are quite refreshing. Even wine punches are so delicious and will be loved my all of your quests (men, too).

Let’s get to the BBQ pairings, starting with our White Sizzle. Sparkling wines are great palette cleansers as their tiny little bubbles prepare you for the next bite. This is perfect for BBQs to be able to enjoy the side dishes as well. Our White Sizzle wine is served cold and pairs best with grilled chicken. I can smell it on the grill now!

Our Riesling is great when grilling sausage. The more dry wine pairs great with the bustling spices of the sausage. You won’t go wrong here.

Serve our Fawn Catawba cold with ribs. The sweetness of the Catawba grape pairs perfectly with the layers of flavors found in grilled BBQ ribs. This wine is great for making punches, too. Pinterest has lots of wonderful wine punches to choose from.

Nothing is better in the summer than the perfect burger. Shippenville Red is the wine of choice to pair with a thick, juicy hamburger. Since so many of our locate butchers will ground the meat fresh for you, a chilled bottle of Shippenville Red will top that burger off just the way it was meant to be eaten.