Pennsylvania wine facts

We live in the beautiful forests of Pennsylvania. My parents grew up here, my grandparents grew up here, I grew up here. Pennsylvania is home. And Pennsylvania is where our business is set up – Deer Creek Winery.  We are a part of the ever-growing group of Pennsylvania Wines. And as a state, we have a lot of opportunities and a lot of room for growth.   We have a lot of wine trails and regions. And we have a lot of history.

According to the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, in 2000, 559,637 gallons (2,824,609 bottles) of wine were produced.  This was increased to 1,810,000 gallons (9,135,460 bottles) in 2010. And this number continues to grow. Pennsylvania is ranked 7th nationally in wine production. In 2000, Pennsylvania had only 60 wineries. And now there are over 200 wineries. You can see how much growth we have in Pennsylvania…and we are proud to be a part of this.  We are proud to be a part of the rising numbers, to be a part of the legacy of Pennsylvania wines.

Now what about grape production? According to, PA grows more grapes than 45 other states.  We have about 14,000 acres of growing grapes. This ranks us as 5th nationally.  And this is part of why Pennsylvania is successful at making wine.

Now the question remains of why Pennsylvania has such a high growth rate of wineries and wine production. Pennsylvania has outperformed many other eastern states.  According to the Center for Rural Pennsylvania and the research they have done in recent years, it is “because of the quality and passion of the people in the industry.”


Now that is exactly why we are proud to be a Pennsylvania winery.  We share the passion for wines and we uphold our wines to a quality that is hard to beat. We take pride in our business and we thrive off of providing quality wines to our customers. We love being a part of this, and we hope you do too.

We welcome you to Pennsylvania wines and we are so glad you are here.