What Kind of Party Can You Have at a PA Winery?

You have a special occasion coming up. Maybe it’s a:

  • 50th wedding anniversary
  • An engagement party
  • Your husband’s birthday
  • Or a bridal shower

You say to yourself, “I seriously can’t have a party at my house. I would not have enough space. Even if I did, gosh, I would have to clean this place up and goodness even repaint the whole downstairs. No way!”

What to do and where to go? You go instantly to Google and search “private party event venue” and bam! Up pops some banquet rooms at the local mom-and-pop and the bowling alley and then there it is … PA Winery!

“Hmmm! Now why hadn’t I thought of this before?” you say to yourself. “Yes, it could be good. my husband and our friends like wine so it might just be perfect to have a party like this.”

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Is It a Perfect Fit?

Of course, it’s a perfect fit! The question about what kind of party you can have at a Pennsylvania winery is: “Any kind of party!”

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Engagement
  • Bridal shower
  • Baby shower
  • Bachelorette party
  • Reception/rehearsal
  • Family or school reunion

It doesn’t really matter what the occasion a PA winery makes the perfect place for a group to meet and celebrate. Let’s examine the party setting. Why a party? Well, it’s a celebration!

Is tasting wine not a social and pleasurable activity? What do you usually include at a private party event rental but space to gather a group around beverages and great-tasting food? Drinking wine is nice, a great winery would also feature some sort of entertainment to entice visitors to enjoy the stay a bit longer and perhaps sample more wine. So that means there is free entertainment, and what a benefit that budget saver is!

Now, Let’s Look Again at that Checklist

  1. Enjoyable activity like dancing, wine tasting, listening to great live music, or other free entertainment
  2. An array of beverages
  3. Food
  4. A group of people
  5. An important event, occasion, holiday, etc.
  6. Space to gather the group and organize

So now you are thinking to yourself, “Why didn’t we celebrate all our memorable events and parties at a Pennsylvania winery?” The winery is a perfect place for all your special occasions, so plan on going in and speaking to the event venue manager. Book soon or the space may not be available, as most celebratory occasions fit great be a it a private party rental or a business event rental. 

“The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate!” — Oprah Winfrey

Click here to see how we can help. Happy planning!

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