Pairing Wine with Easter Candy

Easter…colored eggs, chocolate bunnies and candy! Yes, lots and lots of candy. Let’s face it, just as many adults enjoy the colorful baskets full of Easter Candy just as much as the kids do. Cindy Conner, Marketing Administrator for Deer Creek Winery is offering her suggestions on what wine pairs best the the traditional Easter Candy found in your (or your kid’s) basket this Easter.

Jelly Beans – Over 16 billion jelly beans can’t be wrong. Pour yourself a glass of Riesling and grab a handful of these brightly colored sugary treats and enjoy!

Cadbury Eggs – This chocolaty creamy candy is best paired with a more traditional dessert wine. I would suggest pouring yourself a glass of Deer Creek Raspberry when the urge gets the best of you to unwrap this delicious delectable.

Chocolate Bunny – This is a must in every basket and the perfect wine would be our Merlot (will be available late March). Being a smooth wine, you bite off every ear with confidence of a great sensory of experience.

Peeps – Last but not least every Easter basket includes these chewy marshmellowy candies. Pair your peep with a glass of our Sunset Steuben. You will not go wrong with this Semi-dry Rose for all of those little yellow birds in your basket.