The 8-Step Checklist to a Wonderful PA Winery Tour Experience

The days grow delightfully longer and warmer. So let’s plan some recreation and relaxation. Even better, let’s find some fun off the beaten path.

How about a PA winery tour? If you’ve experienced one before, you’re likely familiar with the:

  • Choice wine selection
  • Laid-back atmosphere
  • Cultural experience
  • Generous hospitality

With some luck, you might just stumble upon a winery with an inn on the premises to enjoy the stay a little longer.

Here Are Some Activities to Check Off Your PA Winery Tour List

1. Sample the Wine (Of Course)

First things first. You’re there on a mission, and that’s to sample the best wines around. You may already have a preferred wine. Or maybe you, like so many others, have tried many different types from many different wineries, but haven’t encountered the one yet.

Here’s your chance. Have the vintner pour you a glass of the wine that’s stuck by you through thick and thin. Or be bold and try something you haven’t tried before (heck, maybe try a handful of somethings you haven’t tried before).

You won’t walk away disappointed.

2. Make It a Culinary Experience

Don’t walk away with an empty stomach. Sample the wines alongside a light café menu featuring:

  • Naan bread pizza
  • Bruschetta with a twist
  • Toasted sandwiches
  • Fajitas
  • & More

Or, if you choose to extend your stay (at the right location, that is), you could choose a delicious, homemade breakfast cooked to your liking the next morning.

Would you like to come away from the experience with a new skill? Perhaps try a cooking class to learn how to hand-craft your favorite cuisine.

3. Enjoy the Live Music

“Where words fail, music speaks.” — Hans Christian Andersen

Indeed, music speaks to the soul. Does it inspire you to get up and dance or to relax and take it all in? Whether you’re actively listening or simply enjoying the musical backdrop, there’s really no wrong choice.

A truly special PA winery tour experience will include hours of live music among its regularly scheduled events.

4. Make It Educational

We’ve already recommended taking a cooking class. Or how how about learning the history of the rustic PA winery you’ve chosen? Each winery is born with a special narrative. Perhaps, like ours, it’s a tale of how a family took a chance on a generational tract of land and turned it into something beautiful.

Take the time to learn more about yourself, as well. You know you like a particular style of wine. Or you may have a wine preference, but somewhere out there, yet to be discovered, is a wine you’re sure to like even better. But why?

There’s a science behind wine preferences, and it actually has much to do with your personality. It’s called Vinotyping. Learn yours here.

5. Fan the Flames of Romance

What better time than the present to reconnect with your sweetheart? There are many ways to do it right:

  • Flowers and chocolates ✔
  • A romantic dinner for 2 ✔
  • A complimentary bottle of wine ✔
  • A cooked-to-order breakfast the next morning as part of the package

Whether you dropped the kids at their aunt’s for some alone time on some random Wednesday or you’re celebrating your honeymoon or a 25th wedding anniversary, the right place will strive to enhance the romantic ambiance. (Helpful hint: Find somewhere you can retire for the evening to a relaxing private hot tub for 2.)

6. Relax With Your Friends & Family

Maybe your PA winery tour is a simple getaway for you and your family and friends. Let the good vibes flow over a bottle of your favorite wine or while dancing to your favorite Clarion, PA area musical act.

Some of the best conversations are had sitting at night by a warm fire pit – reminiscing on old memories or making new ones!

7. Walk the Countryside

Rural Western PA truly is a slice of God’s country. Winter can be brisk, summer can be warm, with spring and fall falling somewhere comfortably in between. But no matter the season, there’s always something to enjoy about a simple stroll through the picturesque countryside.

Walk the nearby woods and uncover a new path, or just walk down the road. There’s plenty to see!

8. Explore Nearby Attractions

Just because you choose a PA winery tour doesn’t mean you have to stay there the whole time. That’d just be silly! Venture out. Check out the great things to do around the quaint Pennsylvania communities and hamlets nearby.

You could end up at:

  • A state forest
  • An art gallery
  • A festival
  • A lovely restaurant
  • & much more!

In Western PA, there’s so much to do within a relatively short drive.

Let’s Put This PA Winery Tour Checklist to Good Use!

You have all the tools at your disposal to plan an amazing PA winery tour. A great time is always what you make it, but choosing the right spot to get away makes all the difference.