9 Reasons to Celebrate Your Next Birthday at a PA Winery

Birthdays are the only day during the year that is all about you! So be sure to not get too caught up on the idea of getting older, and celebrate the beautiful place you’re at in life.

Of course, traditions are important, like when your Aunt Mel calls and sings “Happy Birthday” over the phone every year. But it can also be fun to stray from what you’ve always done and try something new. And who knows – it might just become a new tradition!

Here are 9 reasons that a winery birthday party  should be on your list this year!

1. Visiting a winery is always special

There are new wines to taste and talk about, old wines to fall in love with over and over again. Not to mention tours, tastings, and more fun winery activities!

2. Finding out something new about yourself and those you’re celebrating with

When you take our Vinotyping quiz and taste wines accordingly, not only are you going to try the best wines that you’re sure to love – you also might learn something new about your personality! And if everyone celebrating your big day with you takes the quiz, all sorts of conversation will spring up.

3. Having a special birthday wine glass

You can pick out a special birthday wine glass to buy. Not only will this be fun on for sipping and savoring your favorite wines on your birthday, but it’ll be a great souvenir any time of year.

4. Trying out new food

You might have a tried and true birthday meal tradition, but why does that mean you can’t try out something new and maybe find a new favorite? Tip: pick something off the menu that you know you like, and something that you’ve always wanted to try!

5. Experiencing live music

Many wineries have live entertainment on weekends, so go then and enhance your celebration even more. Or pick a weekday night and have a quiet atmosphere for your group.

6. Enjoying the beautiful scenery

Pick a winery that has an outside fire pit with lights around it, so you can have a very cozy setting to share with your friends and family. It’s also perfect for taking pictures you will treasure for a lifetime!

7. Spending the night and making a weekend of it

Choose a PA winery that has a place you can spend the night too! You and your loved one can end the group celebration with a night out for just you and your loved one after your birthday entourage has gone home. Relax and rejuvenate with a glass of wine in a hot tub for 2. It’s your birthday – end it the way you want!

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8. Celebrating with your girls

If you celebrate with a group of your girlfriends, have your whole group stay at The Inn at Deer Creek Winery as a girls’ getaway during the week! When you split the cost as part of your birthday gift, everyone can get in on the fun!

9. Putting yourself first

Go to a winery for your birthday just because you want to. The day is about YOU anyway!

Start planting the seeds with your friends about coming to Deer Creek Winery for your birthday, and bring them on their birthday!