Our first dinner at the Main Winery

As it is now almost a week after our event, I am still so pleased with the crowd that showed up to celebrate Valentines Day with us! Our showroom turned into a beautiful, romantic getaway for several couples from around the area as well as a few that traveled quite the distance to be with us.  Clurican, a local celtic band, entertained us.

Our meal started off with a salad, beautiful to the eye.  Our guests then had a choice between our Deer Creek Raspberry sorbet & Lemon Riesling sorbet for their palate cleanser.  This was a late addition to our menu, but a delectable choice it was! The next course that we served was a rigatoni pasta with a delicious family recipe for the sauce, with scrumptious garlic bread. We had a few desserts to pick from, a cheesecake with chocolate and caramel topping, brownies baked with Raspberry Royale and topped with red raspberries, whipped topping, with a finishing touch of Deer Creek Raspberry drizzled over top!  Now I know your mouths have to be watering after that description! I  know mine is.

This event was a learning process for me and my team here at the Main Winery. We have never done a meal like this, and we will always learn from each event.  My team did a fantastic job adjusting to how busy we got, as well as working as a team! Rhonda and Denny even lent a hand for a few hours to help us get the successful results that we did!
I will keep you all up to date on our upcoming events and hope to see you all at the Main Winery soon!

Faith, hope & Love,