New Wine Type at DCW!

We have some exciting news at Deer Creek Winery! Coming soon is a new type of wine for us and we are eager to share it with you all!

Port wine has a long, abiding history as being the most adaptable and most diverse of all wines.  It has a rich legacy and a sweet present that makes it an enduring and beloved wine. It has been made in Portugal (Douro Valley) for over 2000 years. By the twelfth century, port was a significant and necessary export of Portugal. Port wine became well-known throughout Europe during the fifteenth century when England and Portugal had a trading link under the Treaty of Windsor. Port is known by its fortification of brandy during the fermentation process. This extra fortification of the wine was added so that the wine lasted for the long rides across the sea and it made the wine more desirable to the consumers in England.  As you can see, port wine is full of a rich history and is a good addition to any wine collection or any meal (

Port-like wine is now coming to Deer Creek Winery! It will be bottled in a special growler bottle and distributed to all DCW locations by Friday, August 5th, 2016.  We are excited for this new addition to our already-phenomenal wine types and it will fit in your refrigerator in the shorter growler style bottle but still the same volume! Our port-like wine at DCW will be called Red Reserve. Come on out and enjoy the port style wine steeped with history.