Mulled Cranberry Wine Shippenville, PA

November is a beautiful time of colored leaves and a wonderful season of Thanksgiving.  A time where families and friends come together. A time of celebration and looking at all of the good moments and the hard moments. A time of laughter and storytelling.

At Deer Creek Winery, we love to celebrate.  And we have so very much to be thankful for.

We are thankful for the changing leaves and the cooler weather. We are thankful for our hard-working employees. We are thankful for our wonderful customers. We are thankful for the buildings we have and the provisions God has granted us to run this business. And we are thankful for our new Inn!

November wine of the month is our 100% cranberry wine, Cranberry Mist. ICranberry Mist Deer Creek Winet goes really well with a Thanksgiving meal.  It can be chilled, or — even better yet — mulled. Grab a bag of our organic mulling spices and steep it in the warm wine.  You won’t regret it.  The cranberry wine is a beloved wine and (don’t tell the others…) one of my favorites. There is just something about that tart cranberry taste mixed with the sweetness of wine. I think I need to go grab a glass…

So spend time thanking God for what you have and who you get to spend life with. Share some cranberry wine. Thank each other, love each other, and spend time with each other. That is the joy of November. (And really every day of life.)

And so we lift up our glasses and we thank God every day for you, the reader.


If you need instructions on how to mull wine, click here.