Last Minute Gifts Ideas from the Winery

Maybe not all holiday shopping is fun…right? Therefore, I have put together a “last minute” list of gift ideas that can help you get through the “hard to buy for” loved ones on your shopping list. Gifts from the winery are quick, fun, elegant, useful or just something different!

Gift Idea #1: Pre-Wrapped Wines. A bottle of wine is the easiest gift to buy. All of our stores have a wide selection of wine gifts bags from the inexpensive, to the cutest, to the most elegant of wine boxes. You can be in and out of the store literally in minutes, but really…you are at a winery. Why not sample a bit while there?


Gift Idea #2: Wine Holders. These are one of my favorite gifts and they have been on my Christmas list for years. When I travel, carrying wine in a nice case is so much more convenient. It protects the bottle as well. Also great for taking a cold bottle of wine to a friend’s house.


Gift Idea #3: Wine and Candles. Nothing says Christmas dinner like a bottle of your favorite wine and burning candles. Whether you package it as a gift in a basket (maybe adding a few local chocolates as well) or you use it as a setting for your dinner…with the bigger gifts yet to come. Setting Christmas dinner with wine and candles is a sure winner (wink, wink…guys).


Gift Idea #4: Oils & Vinegars. There are those on your list that literally have everything and buying them something they will like is next to impossible! That is where a “heart healthy” basket of our infused extra virgin olive oils & aged balsamic vinegars is the perfect answer. This is a gift that they will use for several months and appreciate it over and over again! You really must come in and taste them to see how delicious they really are.


Gift Idea #5: Have Some Fun. These are my favorite gift ideas for my friends! Lots of fun gifts from wine glasses to funny bags to little wine glass figurines. It can all be about having some fun at the holidays. I always include a bottle of wine when visiting and let the fun begin.


Gift Idea #6: For the Elegant. I love this category, since our winery locations have so many gifts that fall into this category. Most of these are decorative cork cages, bottle tops, hand-painted wine glasses, and coasters. They are very popular and can add that touch of elegance to any home’s décor. I bought wine cages for my family this year…nice touch!


Stop in and we will be glad to help you select the perfect gift.

Note that not all locations may carry the exact same items as listed.

Happy Shopping!