Ladies: Here’s What to Wear to a PA Winery for Every Occasion

Half the fun of going somewhere new and exciting is finding the perfect outfit to wear so you’re comfortable, fashionable, and ready for any activities on the agenda — and visiting a PA winery is not any different!

Luckily, we’ve crafted the perfect outfit for every season so you don’t have to spend hours standing in front of your closet, agonizing over what to wear.

First Thing’s First: Decide What You’re Doing at the PA Winery

Maybe you’re headed to a tasting to find your new favorite wine, or taking a weekend getaway with your girlfriends, or experiencing a fun live music act and dancing the night away with your partner.

PA winery activities are not “one outfit fits all” and deciding what you’ll be doing beforehand ensures that you’re not stepping on your dancing partner in stilettos when you should have worn your favorite pair of dancing flats!

As winery experts, we’ve compiled our best outfit “Do’s and Dont’s” for each activity, so you pick the perfect outfit before you head out the door.

Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are the classic PA winery activity, and most likely even if you’re there for another reason — you’ll probably participate in a tasting! Here are some things to keep in mind:


  • Wear flats. Oftentimes, tastings are done standing up at a tasting counter. There is nothing worse than not being able to focus on the flavors of the wine because your feet hurt! If you’re going for a dressier look, opt for flats with patterns or jewels, but skip the heels!
  • Avoid long, puffy sleeves. You’re going to be reaching for glasses of wine, palate cleansing snacks, and other things while at the counter, and the last thing you want is for the sleeve of your shirt to drag through the wine or knock something over! If you’re wearing long sleeves, make sure they’re tight to your arm to eliminate any spills.
  • Go without perfume. One of the joys of tasting wine is the aromas, as your sense of smell is so tightly linked to your sense of taste. If your perfume is too strong, it might skew the wine your tasting! Also, tasting counters are often crowded, and the last thing you want is for your perfume to interfere with someone else’s tasting experience!
  • Skip big bangles. As we said, tasting counters can get crowded. Have you ever had one of your bracelets snag on someone’s shirt? Awkward! Opt for earrings or simple necklaces instead, that way you avoid any accidental connections with someone else’s sweater!
  • Keep your lipstick nude. Your lipstick is going to take a hit from all of the tasting glasses coming in contact with your lips. As your lipstick erodes, it starts to look … well … bad! Avoid this altogether by choosing a simple gloss, chapstick, or nude lipstick so you don’t have to keep touching up as the night goes on.


Dinner Date

PA wineries are a great place to grab dinner, drinks, and enjoy live music on the weekends. Not to mention, they have gorgeous scenery to tour and take in when you’re there — making it the perfect first date, third date, or we-lost-count date spot.


  • Layer up. In the warmer months, you’ll be able to sit outside after dinner and enjoy live music or a glass of wine around a fireplace. But that doesn’t mean you won’t still catch a slight chill after the sun goes down! Wear that cute dress you’ve saved for a special occasion, but be sure to pack a cardigan to cover your arms at night!
  • Be wary of heels. If you know you’re someone who likes to dance to live music, skip your 4 inch stilettos and opt for a smaller heel or flats. Know you’re going to stay seated through the songs? By all means, wear your sky-high heels!
  • Avoid white. Now that the weather is warming up, white is back for pants, dresses, blouses, etc.! But if you’re someone who loves a good glass of Shippenville Red Wine, you might want to save the pristine pants for another day.


Girls Getaway

Finally — it’s the retreat you’ve all been waiting for! But before you relax, you have to pack! Here’s what we recommend you throw in the duffel:


  • Loungewear. After dinner, there will be time for you and your friends to relax with a bottle of wine, watch a movie, or play some games. You don’t want to be trapped in the same outfit you were wearing all day! Pack some cute, comfy clothes to throw on so you can relax in style.
  • A sun hat. In the morning, you and your friends can enjoy complimentary breakfast complete with mimosas while sitting outside in the sunshine! This is the perfect opportunity to break out a sun hat so you can stay cool while enjoying your delicious meal.
  • Your favorite bathing suit. If you know you and your pals will be relaxing in the hot-tub in your room, don’t forget to pack a bathing suit! There is nothing better than unwinding in warm bubbles with a glass of wine, so make sure to come prepared.


If you know you’re embarking on a B&B getaway to a PA winery of any kind, check out our complete list of what to pack — so you don’t forget any of the essentials!

No matter what you’re wearing, or how you’re spending your time, we hope to see you soon to enjoy everything Deer Creek Winery has to offer!

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