January is Wedding Planning Season

You probably know a few people who got engaged over the holidays. It’s the biggest time of year to pop the question! If you are the one with the new diamond on your hand, I’m sure your head is swimming with ideas of what you want for what you can afford.

There is so much time and stress put into wedding days when, in reality, it has virtually nothing to do with how strong your marriage will be after your big day. So take a breath and relax. There’s time to get it all figured out!

Deciding on a date is a big thing, but so much depends on which one you should choose. The more you can do at one location, the easier it will be for you to know what dates are even available. Of course, this one convenience has no bearing on when family members want you to tie that knot! You’re on your own to handle that!

Deer Creek Winery in Shippenville, PA, can help you find that perfect wedding date by having the availability to have many things in one place. That’s just one place to talk to who can help make your dreams come true.

Here are a few options:

Bridal Shower

We have a couple different sized rooms to suit the size of your bridal shower. We can do the food, or you can have your friends bring it in. Whichever works best for you! We will take care of the wine, beer, and sangrias to make it a well-rounded event.

Rehearsal Dinner

Come again for your intimate dinner to celebrate first with your friends and family the night before your special day. They can even spend the night at our Inn B&B so they’re close by for wedding and reception prep.

Reception Celebration

Holding up to 200 people on a nice day (150 when not using porches), Deer Creek Winery is the perfect place for your reception! Food, drinks, and entertainment scheduling can all be done with us. You can finish off your night in one of our deluxe rooms with a fireside hot tub for 2 for your honeymoon!

Call today to make an appointment to come and see it for yourself!