How to DIY a Wine Tasting Party Like a Pro

You love wine — and your friends do too! Chances are, you’ve been to a couple tastings at your local winery, and you’re feeling ready to host a tasting of your own. After all, what’s better than drinking wine among friends in the comfort of your own home?

Follow our tips below to throw the best DIY wine tasting party that will give you the fun and feel of a winery.

Gather the Wine Tasting Supplies

In order to have a successful party, you need the right tool kit! This list is a good place to start:

  • One large wine glass for each guest. (These can be fun to DIY everyone’s name or initial on for a fun party favor!)
  • 5 different types of wine to taste.
    • 2 bottles of each wine.
  • Silicone wine stoppers to keep the wine fresh.
  • Tasting sheets so guests can mark their favorites.
  • A palette cleansing snack.

We’ve created this sample tasting sheet that is perfect to save to your computer and print for your party!

Pick Out the Tasting Wine

A good rule of thumb is to taste no more than five or six wines during a tasting. This is because the palate is easily overwhelmed, and can mar the experience of tasting the later wines.

We suggest buying two reds, one sweet and one dry; two whites, one sweet and one dry; and selecting one or two specialty wines, such as a fruit wine. This gives guests a wide array of flavors.

Where to Buy

Going to a wine outlet store is your best bet to get all of the supplies you need. Not only will you be able to pick up a wide variety of wines — but also wine accessories that are essential for the tasting party.

For example, silicone wine stoppers are key to keeping your wine fresh after opening the bottle, and wine charms are a great way to keep otherwise identical looking glasses separate for each guest!

At the wine outlet store you’ll be able to taste the wine in advance as well (a perk for hosting) and ask any questions that you may have about serving the wine. There will always be a friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to provide professional advice!

During the Tasting

Hand a tasting sheet and glass to each guest and begin pouring! Have guests write down the wine they are tasting on the line, and then circle their ratings. In general, the order to pour and taste wines are as follows:

  1. Dry red
  2. Sweet red
  3. Dry white
  4. Sweet white
  5. Specialty wine 1
  6. Specialty wine 2

When you switch from red wine to white wine, and white wine to specialty wine, be sure to swish the glass out with a little bit of the next wine you’re going to taste to keep from contaminating the flavors. Although it might seem wasteful, it is better to use wine than water because it will not dilute the flavor!

It is also helpful to have snacks on hand. Pretzels and crackers are a great way to clear the palette in between each tasting!

Double the Fun with Vinotyping!

A fun way for guests to bond and learn more about each other (and themselves!) is by taking the Vinotyping quiz. This quiz matches you with your dream wines based on your personality traits, ensuring you are matched with the wine you love.

Vinotyping also makes shopping for wine in the future easier!

Not Quite Ready to Host Your Own Tasting Yet?

Stop by any of the Deer Creek locations for a free tasting, seven days a week! Stop by for a tasting, take notes, and soon you’ll be hosting your own tastings like a pro!

Check out our website for more details on location hours now!