How Much Wine to Buy for Your Wedding

And Other Great Things You Can Do with Wine at the Reception

Who doesn’t love wine at a wedding reception? With that in mind, how much wine do you need to purchase and what kinds? How much to buy is probably the easier question to answer than what kind.

Once you know how many wine lovers will be there, you’ll be able to determine how much to purchase. Make sure the wine glasses, or disposable cups, are a 5 oz serving size. People usually fill the glasses half full so it would be an 8-10 oz wine glass. Typically guests will drink 2-3 glasses of wine during a reception.  

A bottle of wine serves four 5 oz glasses. With an average of 2.5 glasses per bottle, you would take the number of wine drinking guests and multiply that by 0.625 to determine the number of bottles to have.

From that number of total bottles of wine, you would then select 20% dry wines, 30% semi-dry and 50% sweet wines.

As an example: you have 100 wine drinking guests coming to you reception. You would purchase 63 bottles of wine (always round up when you’re talking wine, of course!).

Buying this much wine also puts you into a bigger volume discount of 15% off!

Here are some other fun things you can do with wine at your wedding reception:

    • Put a bottle of wine at each table and then call your table by that wine name.  For example: Bob & Sue are seated at the Fryburg White table.
    • Make cork name place cards
    • Make sure your guests know what kind of wine it is and the sweetness level
    • Paint wine bottles and/or put lace and ribbon around empty wine bottles as part of your centerpieces.
  • Buy a bottle of your favorite Deer Creek Wine and have your guests sign it as a reminder of them sharing your day!