How Much Should You Spend on Your Honeymoon Getaway?

After all the stressing and planning (and spending!) to make sure everything is perfect for your dream wedding, most couples are more than ready to get to the relaxing part- the honeymoon!

We all dream of and deserve the perfect getaway with our new husband or wife, and look forward to a romantic honeymoon together.

Sometimes though, with all your intense wedding planning and details that require attention, some couples forget to include the honeymoon expense in their budget, which can end up ruining one of the most important moments of your life.

Don’t Make Your Honeymoon a “Moneymoon”!

According to, about 72% of weddings today are paid for by the bride and groom. This can get very expensive, very quickly, and often requires a good bit of budgeting on the couple’s part.

Unfortunately, this can really affect the available funds for their honeymoon, which costs on average around $4,500.

So just how much should you spend on your honeymoon? Experts agree that the answer is different for each couple, and offer these suggestions for newlyweds:

  • Any amount of money that puts you in debt is too much to spend on your honeymoon.
  • Stick to a budget that works for you and do not exceed the limit.
  • Consider each other’s shared values and decide together on how much money you want to spend

The most important thing is to spend some quality time together to make wonderful memories you can both cherish for a lifetime together without breaking the bank!

Tips for a Great Honeymoon on a Budget

Make your Pennsylvania honeymoon more about your time together and exciting new shared experiences and less about an over-budget exotic destination.

A honeymoon is an important part of celebrating your marriage, so start saving early so you don’t have to stress about paying for it later, so you can spend more time relaxing together.

Consider a Staycation

Consider a “staycation” for your Pennsylvania honeymoon and enjoy together time close to home.

Not only is this a budget friendly idea, but it will give you extra time for fun activities together instead of sitting at crowded airports with unexpected delays and long flight times – which is no fun at all.

Look Into Packages That Give You More

Reserve a Pennsylvania B&B or inn with a Honeymoon Package that includes perks just for your wedding celebration.

Special touches like a bottle of wine, uniquely decorated rooms, chocolates, candles, private hot tubs, and even a romantic fireplace in your room add a special, memorable ambiance for your wedding night.

Book the Affordable Honeymoon of Your Dreams in Pennsylvania Wine Country

Spend your honeymoon enjoying a secluded winery getaway in a romantic, themed room with a fireplace and hot tub in the scenic foothills of the Allegheny National Forest.

Our romantic bed and breakfast at Deer Creek Winery in Shippenville, PA features a variety of amenities to make your honeymoon a special time to remember!

Book your romantic PA winery honeymoon today and enjoy a relaxing adventure with your new spouse.