February 2015 was a Busy Month at the Winery!

February proved to be a busy month at Deer Creek Winery. On February 20th, two re-released wines, Peach Blossom & Pear, became available at all of our winery locations. The first weekend proved to be busy as tasters were trying both during a big Beach Party kick-off weekend.

Among the tasters, both wines both wines turned out to be big hits. The Peach Blossom and Pear are 100% fruit wines and quite different in flavor. Therefore, both command their respective places in your wine cabinet.

The Pear is a sweet, mild wine that pairs great with any forms of chocolate, desserts and cheeses. Brie cheese/crackers is a favorite with the Pear wine. But chocolate sauce over a dark chocolate cake is, in our opinion, the ultimate in food sensory. The Pear wine is great just by itself and really can be enjoyed any time of the day.

The Peach Blossom wine is more demanding in flavor and reminds you of a fresh peach at the first sip! It is a great wine to sip alone or can pair well with any cheese & cracker plate. Mozzarella cheese pairs very well…making this a great wine to enjoy with your lunch salad. Since it is a sweet fruit wine, salty meats such as ham are delicious along side a glass of our Peach Blossom.

Don’t miss out on these two great re-released wines and be sure to stop by and taste them for yourself.

Cynthia Conner
Marketing Administrator
Deer Creek Winery