Fall is Wine Season

Everyone loves the fresh smells of fall, football, apple picking, and leaves blanketing the ground!  Fall is also grape harvest season!  Lots of juice is being produced to turn into wine in the next year.  Some would say that raisins are a sad bottle of wine that never got fermented!

Wine has been around for thousands of years and probably one of the oldest drinks beyond water.  It first happened by accident as grape juice sat on the counter and then started fermenting on its own by yeast in the air.  Not only did people like the taste, but it kept the juice from totally spoiling and being unusable.  Pretty much anything can be fermented, but traditionally, wine is primarily made from grape juice.

Every winery has its way of balancing its wine to make it unique to them.  Some are sweet, some dry, some in between!  Balancing out the tannins and acids is another way wineries are distinctive.

What do you expect when going to a winery in the fall?

Beyond the wine, wineries are different in what they offer those coming in.  Some are simply a tasting room with a few accessories and some have whole gift shops, while many have events to offer too.  Check out what wineries around you are doing!  Fall is the season that wineries are the busiest and offers the most events.

Deer Creek Winery, in Shippenville, PA, has everything mentioned above as well as an 8 room Inn B&B and Event Center to hold your own parties!  Come out to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with your loved ones.  There is FREE live entertainment every weekend Thursday night through Sunday afternoon!