The Health Benefits of Drinking Wine Before Bed on Your Girls’ Night

We all know the agenda on a girls’ night. Bedtime doesn’t come end until:

  • The last drop of wine is sipped
  • The last laugh is had
  • The last tear is shed

You’re looking for the evening to run a gamut of wonderful emotions in a few short hours with some very close friends. It’s therapeutic. It’s decompressing. It’s healthy from a variety of perspectives.

The wine you’re drinking in moderation at your girls’ night plays actually plays a more important role in those health benefits (psychologically and physiologically) than you might think. Whether your extracurricular evening is at a girlfriend’s house or a PA winery B&B, here are some vino factoids to help you understand how to squeeze the most health, love, and happiness out of that quality time.

Celebrate Your Evening of Mental Health

Perhaps you’ve booked a room literally named “Celebration” here at this inn. Tonight’s a night to relax:

  • Let it all hang loose
  • Forget about work
  • Let your family fend for themselves or with a trusted caregiver

No matter how much you love them, work and family life cause stressors that have a measurable effect on your health (your mental health, specifically). The wine and good company will take that edge off and allow you to return to your responsibilities with a refreshed perspective and attitude.

Reconnect with the Girls

We’re human. We’re wired to need social connection. This social scientist says interpersonal relationships are “necessary as food and water.”

So use this time (and chill with this wine) to catch up and remember why you and your girlfriends are friends in the first place. You’ll be doing much more than sharing stories. Your healthy brain will thank you.

Savor the Flavor

A glass of wine with your meal can be a culinary delight. Wine will enhance the flavor in your food, and vice versa. Find the perfect white wine pairing with a heart-healthy fish or red wine with a lean, protein-rich cut of meat.

Speak Freely and Honestly

The tone of your conversation will likely take a turn for the honest (we hope it’s not brutally honest). But there are things you may need to hear about:

  • Relationships
  • Frustrations
  • Celebrations
  • Disagreements
  • And more

(Helpful side note: Speaking of speaking freely, studies also show you may even be able to speak a second language more clearly. Tread lightly, though, because one too many drinks and you won’t even be speaking your own language well.)

Cap off a Healthy Night (with the ‘Wonder Component’)

Unfortunately, your evening will draw to a close, and you and your friends will be heading off to bed soon. We hope you’ve found a great venue for the fun to unfold and to rest for the night.

If red wine was your drink of choice, you should enjoy the health benefits of resveratrol, the “wonder component.” It’s an antioxidant considered to be one key to a long, healthy life as it protects body tissues and reduces risks for:

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Blood clots
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • And even noise-induced hearing loss

Taken in small amounts, the alcohol in wine will promote sleep. But again, keep in mind that too much too close to bedtime actually will have the reverse effect. Responsible levels of alcohol also increase blood flow to the brain, limiting cognitive decline.

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