Does Your Wine Cellar Need a Spring Cleaning?

Spring is finally here. As the warmer weather approaches, we are finding ourselves moving towards lighter foods, lighter clothes, and lighter wines. It may just be the perfect time to lighten up your wine cellar with a thorough Spring cleaning!

First of all, out with the old and in with the new. You need to drink all of last year’s reds and whites. There are still plenty of cool days left to mull your reds into an evening delicacy or…better yet, invite a few friends and empty out those bottles of last year’s stock. Remember, wine and friends always pair well!

Next, create a great shopping list. This is so important. Begin with listing all of your favorite spring foods and pair it with the right selection of lighter reds, whites or even rosés for the spring months. Plan ahead now for a few delicious wine punches or slushes during the heat of the summer. These are great for family gatherings which we all know are notorious for being on the hottest days of the year. Plus, don’t forget your BBQs – they pair great with a lighter or fruitier red wines. Fine tuning your wines with your favorite spring cuisine will get you the most flavor for your money and may even impress a few friends with your wine sensory knowledge.

Finally, shop! This is the fun part. You can enjoy a day of wine tasting alone or with your friends for the big restocking day. Our Wine of the Month for April is Fawn Catawba along with our Clarion Concord. Both are delicious wines for sipping in a glass or to turn into some fantastic summer punches.

Save $3 on trio pricing when including either wines with any other 2 wines. Case discounts are also a good way to restock a wine cabinet and save a little money.. Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page for wine pairings and summer punch recipes. Enjoy the warmer spring days and drink well in 2016!