Retreats add fun, originality, challenge, and playfulness into our habits and patterns.

They strengthen bonds and connections among those participating, and they encourage flexibility and openness to new experiences and ideas. 

When it’s time for a surge of new energy or a change of pace, getting outside of the team’s physical comfort zone can go a long way toward inspiring bold thinking, communication, and creativity, which can help for months to come but nothing nurtures the human spirit like the time and space to fully express and stretch themselves creatively, intellectually, and interpersonally. A little food and drink don’t hurt either.

An offsite meeting is the perfect time to take advantage of technology and resources you may not have available in your regular office, such as whiteboards designed for maximum brainstorming and visual mapping, and display monitors; such as, a projector and screen for presentations.

An offsite meeting is a powerful opportunity to reinforce and deepen existing connections among team members, while forging new ones. The right team-building exercises, skillfully organized, can take team consistency to another level, and leave everyone who participated feeling seen, heard, and valued for their unique contributions to the team.

Deer Creek Winery, in Shippenville, PA, offers everything mentioned above in a beautiful area with delicious food and wine!  Give us a call to schedule a FREE lunch for 2 as you check out our facility and see what we can do to make a productive business workshop here.  There is even an 8 room B&B on site for your Leadership Team to stay here!