Have Your Work Christmas Party at Deer Creek Winery

The last quarter of 2017 is just around the corner, and that means Christmas is coming pretty fast! It’s a great time for companies to take a moment to reflect on the year and to thank staff members for jobs well done.

It used to be every company had these big elaborate gatherings. But things have changed. Companies have to cut corners in many ways, and everyone is crunched for time to even plan the party – let alone pay for it! You still want your Christmas party to be special and memorable.

Times have changed, for sure, but cutting out a thankful, joyful, season-ending party shouldn’t be an option. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or extensively planned. But it does require a little thought. 

Having your Christmas gathering at a winery is the perfect fit! Here are some great trends:

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1. Party During the Day Rather Than in the Evening or Weekend

This can save cost in terms of numbers attending and gives your staff a break from their routine. Pick a different atmosphere besides a restaurant, like having it at a local winery that also caters so it keeps things simple. A sample menu could include:

  • Mimosas and specialty coffees
  • Scones or a simple yogurt parfait
  • A choice of 3 different entrees so everyone’s taste buds are satisfied

You can also have a luncheon that similar to the breakfast with a handful of different choices.

2. Keep it Funny

You can have an ugly sweater contest or have everyone bring a funny gift to exchange. Whatever you do, keep the atmosphere light and the laughter flowing.

3. Go in with Another Company

Plan a larger party in the evening or weekend to share costs. It could include dinner, live music, or even a comedian for everyone to enjoy!

4. Have a Photographer Come in for Portraits

Each company can have current pictures for marketing or to hang in the department hallway for the next year. You can also give a portrait to each staff member and their guest. What a unique Christmas gift for them!

No matter when you decide to have your gathering, Deer Creek Winery can provide the:

  • Space
  • Food
  • Wine and Beer
  • And a rustic, relaxing atmosphere

We can even find special music and the photographer we mentioned. And did I mention gifts for everyone? We can have wine pre-wrapped and ready to go!

So you see, choosing Deer Creek Winery for your corporate holiday party keeps it simple and special.  Call 814-354-7392 and see what we can do for you!