Celebrate 2017 Fall Wine Days with Deer Creek Winery!

Deer Creek Winery is always ready to celebrate with you!  Our whole mission is to offer great wines for you to drink while enjoying life and celebrating anything with friends and family!  It’s so important for your health and relationships to take a moment and reflect.

It’s always good when you are joining a full band of other people celebrating too so I have put together a list of national wine celebration days for you!

2017 Fall Wine Days Celebrations

August 14, International Rosé Day: (Some say August is Rosé Month, and some say Rosé Day is June 10 or 11. Cut your losses and celebrate each day with Rosé)  Sunset Steuben is Deer Creek’s Rosé! The difference between a Rosé and a blush is that the Roséhas a drier finish.  (We will not have this back in stock until after the harvest, but watch our facebook page for it’s new release!)

August 31, Cabernet Day: Come to any of our locations for our Cabernet Franc dry red wine for the Tolerant Vinotype!  (Cabernet Day is technically the last Thursday before Labor Day, whenever that happens.)

Month of October, Wine Month for Texas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania:  Celebrate all wines the whole month!

October 11-17, Drink Local Wine Week:

Deer Creek Winery is all about this week!  You can come to our Shippenville Main location and have lunch or dinner while enjoying the beautiful all countryside and even stay at our brand new 8 room Inn B&B!  Our many outlets bring our wine closer to you to enjoy time and time again this week:

  • Butler Clearview Mall
  • Hermitage Kohl’s Plaza
  • Beaver Valley Mall
  • The Mall at Robinson
  • Mccandles Crossing

November 7, International Merlot Day: If you haven’t tried our Deer Creek Merlot, you just gotta!  It is un-oaked, and has a fabulously delicious grape flavor that is out of this world!  All Vinotypes will love this wine!  And many sweet wine drinkers won’t believe that have found a Merlot wine that they love!  Come in soon and taste for yourself!

November 12, Wine Tourism Day: Plan a winery tour!  The wine industry has brought a lot more tourists to PA than ever before, be a part of that and invite your out-of-state friends!

December 4, Cabernet Franc Day:  Coming from a very dark, almost black, grape, Deer Creek has a delicious Cabernet Franc wine too!

December 20, National Sangria Day:  Oh how we Sweet Vinotypes love our Sangrias!  IT doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, we love our sweet wines and fruity combinations so why not celebrate!

December 31, National Champagne Day: It just makes sense. Bring in 2018 with Deer Creek’s White Sizzle sparkling Niagara wine!

Regardless of the celebration, we want to celebrate with you!  Check us out in person and online.