Plum Sweetness – Pine City Plum Wine

Take a minute and remember the first, sweet, juicy bite of a plum fresDeer-Creek-Pine-City-Plum-Winehly picked from the tree. Our new Pine City Plum Wine, 100% plum wine, brings that fall memory to every glass. It is so special that we added it to our Vino’s Limited Edition collection of wines at Deer Creek winery.

Wine maker Denis Brooks was so pleased with the production of the plum wine. “I am very happy with the sweet flavor and the fullness of the wine,” says Brooks.

Pine City Plum wine is often served with Asian, Japanese or Chinese cuisines, sometimes the spicier the better.  However,  our tasters agreed that is pairs well with any style of spicy or seasoned food.  Since Pine City Plum is a 100% fruit wine, it also pairs well with saltier foods such as ham. It can be enjoyed by itself or with a simple scone or cookie for an evening toast of the day’s blessings.

It is delicious mulled with our mulling spices and apple juice. Other juices could be used as well. You can create your own favorite blend as well.

This ‘much awaited’ plum wine is now at all of our winery locations. Pine City Plum wine was released on March 6th to the Pittsburgh area/Shippenville/Senca areas and online to 22 states.

Cynthia Conner
Marketing Administrator