A Peek into Deer Creek Wines

What makes Deer Creek wines so….exceptional?

As the daughter of the owners of Deer Creek Winery, I see a lot of what goes into the business and what goes into the wines. I also have an insider’s perspective on the wines at DCW as I have helped make some of them.  I’ve been there to see each step of the way and let me say, love and pride go into our wines.

As a family-owned small business, we can take the time to make sure every bottle is perfect and each batch tastes amazing. Deer Creek Winery is also a local winery, made right here in Shippenville, PA. You can’t just get our wines anywhere.

Each wine batch is carefully selected and fermented and tested and sweetened and filtered and bottled. All materials are hand-selected and kept at the best quality. And one of my favorite parts of our wines — All Deer Creek wines are natural with absolutely no artificial coloring or flavoring.  Even the specialty fruit wines (like Buck Run Blue or Autumn Breeze) are 100% of that particular juice.  Other places substitute in a cheaper grape wine and then add artificial flavorings to make it taste like a particular fruit.  We don’t cut corners with our wines — we put in exactly what it says and we let the delicious fruit speak for itself.

Making wine takes skill. It takes practice and time. It takes chemistry knowledge and strength. Our winemakers, Denis and Cole, have been trained and each of them has spent thousands of hours making sure each bottle is impeccable.

So come enjoy DCW wines for yourself – and you’ll taste the difference.