8 Inspiring Wine Crafts for the Holidays

The crafty among us really get going as the holidays roll around each year.

Why? Because it’s SO MUCH FUN! But there’s also the added benefit of creating something from the heart to give to someone close to your heart.

An empty wine bottle or glass can serve many purposes. You can:

  • Paint it
  • Fill it
  • Cut it
  • Hang it
  • Make it sing

Let’s find some inspiration.

Check Out These Awesome Wine Crafts

1. Hanging Lanterns

holiday wine crafts

With some bottles, chains, candles, and a tile saw you can reimagine wine bottles as illuminating additions to a porch or patio.

2. Pine-Scented Candle Centerpiece

holiday wine crafts

With the addition of some small, carefully wound and woven pine strands, and a simple candle, this empty wine bottle became an elegant centerpiece fit for any holiday occasion.

3. Stemware Rack

holiday wine crafts

Form meets function in this stemware rack meant to use the wine bottle itself as the base from which your glasses hang.

4. Thanksgiving Turkey

holiday wine crafts

A little bit of paint goes a long way. This Thanksgiving turkey infuses some other seasonal elements for a humorous centerpiece.

5. Christmas Tree

holiday wine crafts

Once again, a little bit of paint goes a long way. So does some glitter, glue and buttons. Merry Christmas!

6. Candy Dispenser

holiday wine crafts

A wine bottle’s useful life doesn’t end after you sip the last of the wine it once carried. Fill it with small candies as a special treat. Everyone grab a handful!

7. Snowman Drink Glasses

holiday wine crafts

Those stems on your wine and martini glasses? They make cute, little tophats! A little more white and orange paint, and you’ve got these precious snowmen to smile at your guests.

8. Wine Cork Candleholders

holiday wine crafts

Do you have a lot of old wine corks sitting around? Don’t toss them! Use them as a classy buffer for your glass candleholders.

8 Wine-Inspired Crafts for the Holidays

We hope you have some creative ideas burning in your head. Need some inspiration? Good news, the 8 wine-inspired crafts posted here all were found on Pinterest (and there’s a whole internet world out there for you to explore)!

If you need a few more empty bottles to add to your collection, stop here and pick up some of your favorite selections. Enjoy the wine and let your inner artist flow forth!