5 Things Your Meeting Venue Should Include

Meetings are meant to inspire. The same ole, same ole just doesn’t cut it anymore. Most meeting planners are trying to keep up with a work escape and the ultimate surprise. A work-related activity has taken a whole new meaning.

Anyone in sales knows the more senses you can apply to your message the more the message will stay in the old memory banks. Creating a unique sensory experience which facilitates team building and bonding are key to many corporate trainings, business meetings, and strategic planning meetings.

In today’s tough economy, businesses need to use every opportunity for them to interact with the community to generate goodwill and earn the trust of prospective buyers and customers.

Events must be memorable to make an impact whether your meeting is with stockholders, board of executives, potential customers, or employers. You have a message to deliver and so to get your point across and make it memorable, this is what you will need in your meeting venue.

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Your Meeting Venue Should Include These 5 Things

1. You must have the proper technology to get the message across! WiFi is a must have, and then, of course, audio visual capability and equipment.

2. Entertainment is key! To make your event unique so all attendees want to keep you coming back year after year. Memorable entertainment not only helps you create excitement prior to the seminar, but also throughout the whole event.

3. Distinctive food and beverage choices. No one wants to attend the same ole conference with the same ole dry roast beef year after year. To make a memorable and enjoyable business meeting or seminar, kick up attendance by thinking outside the box with food and refreshment.

4. Infuse the meetings with social media and start tweeting! A smart planner knows to hashtag up a storm in order to encourage employees to tweet about events and ask questions.

5. Team building activities, featuring unique ways to motivate, or inspire and build camaraderie. Take this team-building example. A business meeting event in which team leads would assign a task to each member of the team. So at the Pa. Winery the team building task would then be bottling a case of wine. The team lead would then assign each team member to each phase of the hand bottling process. The team who bottles the case the fastest with the least imperfections in the case wins.

Often, the pressures of the normal work environment and work subculture get in the way of an effective team, but given a new and different task the team responds and learns to work more effectively. A group discussion of the takeaways should follow. This allows team members to realize there may be outside influences affecting their behavior and standing in the way of work success.

No matter what the business event your work related meeting can transform into an amazing inspiring business event and stay within your budget with all the motivational morale boosting inspiration necessary! Happy Planning!