3 Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Bride and Groom

Let’s be real, things have changed since the 1960s. The Berlin Wall is down, women can wear pants, and nobody eats off of fancy china anymore. So why are we giving the same gifts at weddings our grandparents gave to their friends and family? If you wouldn’t want to share a wardrobe with your grandma, then you probably wouldn’t want the same gifts as her, either.

We know gift giving is a tradition at weddings that isn’t going anywhere, so how can you make sure you’re giving the couple something unique and meaningful? We’ve laid out a few options that’ll warm the hearts of any newlyweds when they open it!

1. Give a Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

You know that feeling the day after Christmas when everyone is just a bit sad because they’ve worked so hard on finding the perfect gift and it’s all over in a flash? Imagine that x10 when you think about a wedding. Your favorite couple has spent MONTHS planning the perfect event and in one quick day, it’s all over.

Thanks to companies like Walgreens and Shutterfly, you can keep those moments alive for years to come. Giving a giftcard to a photo printing service is a great way for you to honor their amazing day! From photobooks to canvas prints, the newlyweds can choose exactly how they want to display their wedding memories.

How about a gift that lasts for a year? Get them a case of wine from Deer Creek Winery: one for every monthly milestone!

2. Give Experiences, Not Excessiveness

Today, many couples live together before deciding to get married. You know what that means? They own a lot of junk. Two microwaves, two silverware sets, the list goes on. So shower the couple with experiences they will remember forever, instead of adding to the list of “weird kitchen gadgets you used once and lost the instructions to.”

Luckily, registries like Zola have made that process much easier than you think! From fancy dinners out to international flights, couples can register for all kinds of things you wouldn’t even think of!

Fit couples looking to keep their wedding bods? They can register for exercise classes. Foodie couples looking to flex their culinary muscles? Find a destination spot like The Inn at Deer Creek Winery that have live music every weekend along with other special events throughout the year.  They can relax in their room with a hot tub for 2 , enjoy the various onsite events and dinners, or go to nearby attractions like Cook Forest State Park, historic Drake Well Museum in Titusville, or Franklin, PA.  It’ll give them a chance to relax and rejuvenate after all the wedding frenzy of the past year.

The Inn at Deer Creek Winery Gift Certificate

 3. Giving Gone Grateful

Stumped on what to buy the couple who has it all? Nothing a lifetime of love and compassion like making a donation to a charity on behalf of the couple. Many organizations will even send a thank you note for you to include in your wedding card! Be sure to give to a charity that is close to the couple’s hearts so they know you thought of something extra special for them. Looking to take it a step further? Look into donating to local chapters of larger organizations, like Girl Scouts or the United Way, to make sure the money affects their community.

No matter what kind of gift giver you are, the ultimate goal is to put a smile on the bride’s and groom’s face when they realize how deeply you thought about them and their future together. There’s no doubt in our mind that all three of these gifts ideas will be a sure way to see those pearly whites.