10 Things a PA Winery Party Venue Includes

It’s More Than Just Wine!

Trying to find the right place for your next event can be very exhausting and time consuming. Here are some tips on why choosing a PA winery as the event locations is a great idea!

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1. Relaxing Atmosphere

People think of a winery as a relaxing place to come and unwind. Your party already gets off to a less stressful time just having it at a winery.

2. Nicely Decorated Areas

Deer Creek Winery offers a couple different room and venue options, and all are very tastefully decorated so all you have to do is add your little touch to the table centerpieces! The colors easily blend with whatever colors you have planned for your event.

3. Lots of Space Inside and Out

With a couple different options, we can accommodate you for your party size.  Maybe afterwards you want to stick around and relax more, just pull up a chair at any of our many outside porches and do just that!

4. Specialty Wine Drinks are Their Specialty

Everyone is always looking for different things to offer at their party so why not have it at a winery that can offer specialty wine drinks or even a sangria bar for people to make their own how they like it!

5. Discounts When Pre-Purchasing Alcohol

Deer creek winery offers an extra 5% off all wine and beer that is purchased 2 weeks before your event s to help save you money!

6.  Fun While Scoping Out the Venue and Meetings with the Event Specialist

While you’re checking out the venue, sit a bit to get the feel of the place and even have a glass of wine! Many other places might not offer you that luxury while there and when you have your detail meeting, stay after for a glass too!

7. A Classy Place to Host Your Event

Fire halls and church basements aren’t your only options anymore, with many wineries having event venues. A winery party is classy. Don’t you want your guest(s) of honor to feel even more special?

8. Adult Atmosphere

Due to the nature of a business selling alcohol, there are less kids around if that makes a difference in the atmosphere you’re looking for!

9. FREE Live Music if You Have Your Event On a Weekend

Wineries often have live entertainment that can be heard while people are coming and going from your event. Sometimes it might even be background sound for the event! It’s always a nice added touch! Sometimes they could even help you book live entertainment from their list of local artists as well.

10. Very Trendy Right Now

Oh my, barn and winery event venues are the talk-of-the-town  as the trend continues growing to hold events at these places.  Sometimes electricity can be an issue in a barn setting, but not at a winery!

All in all, having your next event at a winery makes a lot of sense and is really a great place for hosting your guests!