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Book a venue for your company retreat!

Rejuvenate your team with a relaxing company retreat in the Pennsylvania countryside. Our venues are perfect for rebuilding morale, including:

  • 22+ wines for employees to enjoy while they bond
  • Hold your team building activities in venue rooms of your choice
  • A private conference room (because work never ends!)
  • Discounts for venue rentals plus Inn room bookings
  • In-room hot tubs after a long day

Give your team, your staff, and your clients a break from the office. Schedule your next corporate retreat or business event at Deer Creek!

Contact an Event Specialist

Book a corporate retreat or business event for the perfect change of pace.

No matter what the reason for your business retreat, meeting, or celebration, our cheerful well-trained staff can make your corporate event run smoothly. Please take a moment to speak with us about your upcoming event by giving us contact information and we can help you plan and create your celebration or business meeting.

Corporate retreat venue rentals can include any combination of rooms. Discount bundles available for venue rentals plus Inn room bookings. All venue rentals have the option of full catering for an additional cost.

Venue room setup is flexible – please notify us of any special requests or accommodations.

Click here to see all of our venue rental options.


You may also call or email for more information or pricing, 814-354-7392 or Appointments can easily be scheduled to come look at the facility.

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