Plan Your Winery Christmas Party

Planning a Christmas party should be fun — not stressful! After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re already dreading the planning involved in getting the family together for a Christmas celebration, it’s time to consider having your Christmas party at a local winery. 

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2018 Wedding Trends to Watch Out For

With wedding planning season in full swing, there are no shortage of places to get inspiration from. Whether it be from magazines, Instagram, your favorite wedding blog, or the holy grail Pinterest, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and confused during the planning process. Wedding season is approaching and the industry experts have spoken on the top trends to watch out for in 2018.   Small Plates While sit-down dinners are still all the rage, couples are opting for multiple course meals that present their guest with new food experiences. Try something like a build-your-own sushi bar or an

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3 Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Bride and Groom

Let’s be real, things have changed since the 1960s. The Berlin Wall is down, women can wear pants, and nobody eats off of fancy china anymore. So why are we giving the same gifts at weddings our grandparents gave to their friends and family? If you wouldn’t want to share a wardrobe with your grandma, then you probably wouldn’t want the same gifts as her, either. We know gift giving is a tradition at weddings that isn’t going anywhere, so how can you make sure you’re giving the couple something unique and meaningful? We’ve laid out a few options that’ll

9 Reasons to Celebrate Your Next Birthday at a PA Winery

Birthdays are the only day during the year that is all about you! So be sure to not get too caught up on the idea of getting older, and celebrate the beautiful place you’re at in life. Of course, traditions are important, like when your Aunt Mel calls and sings “Happy Birthday” over the phone every year. But it can also be fun to stray from what you’ve always done and try something new. And who knows – it might just become a new tradition! Here are 9 reasons that a winery birthday party  should be on your list this

Food for Thought: Great Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

You’re planning your wedding, and you want it to be memorable and enjoyable for your guests.  There are so many things to decide and even more things to plan. What’s going to be the date? Where will you get married? What will your colors be? Who’s going to be in our wedding? The lists go on and on.   One big thing is to decide what kind of food to serve on the wedding reception menu. That decision alone brings with it another list of other questions that need answered FIRST: What time of year will it be? Do I

How Much Wine to Buy for Your Wedding

And Other Great Things You Can Do with Wine at the Reception Who doesn’t love wine at a wedding reception? With that in mind, how much wine do you need to purchase and what kinds? How much to buy is probably the easier question to answer than what kind. Once you know how many wine lovers will be there, you’ll be able to determine how much to purchase. Make sure the wine glasses, or disposable cups, are a 5 oz serving size. People usually fill the glasses half full so it would be an 8-10 oz wine glass. Typically guests

January is Wedding Planning Season

You probably know a few people who got engaged over the holidays. It’s the biggest time of year to pop the question! If you are the one with the new diamond on your hand, I’m sure your head is swimming with ideas of what you want for what you can afford. There is so much time and stress put into wedding days when, in reality, it has virtually nothing to do with how strong your marriage will be after your big day. So take a breath and relax. There’s time to get it all figured out! Deciding on a date

Are You Prepared for Your Bridal Shower?

January is right around the corner. The New Year is the perfect time to start thinking about your bridal shower. The holiday season is certain to bring out the love and seal the deal with a ring for a lot of lucky couples. Now the planning begins! There are so many things to think about, but it usually begins with: The ceremony date Venues for the wedding and reception And, of course, the bridal shower! The bridal shower is a time for more intimate friends and family to gather and bestow blessings on the bride-to-be. The venue must be big

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Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Retreat in the Countryside

Is it time for your corporate retreat once again? Where will you go this year? Why is it best to get out of the office? There are so many questions people ask while planning a corporate retreat. Some look forward to getting away, and others dread it. How can you make your next one the best ever? Hold your next corporate retreat in the countryside! There’s something so relaxing about driving down a country road flocked with trees or fields on both sides. The farther you go, the less you think about the hectic rat race of the place you

Have Your Work Christmas Party at Deer Creek Winery

The last quarter of 2017 is just around the corner, and that means Christmas is coming pretty fast! It’s a great time for companies to take a moment to reflect on the year and to thank staff members for jobs well done. It used to be every company had these big elaborate gatherings. But things have changed. Companies have to cut corners in many ways, and everyone is crunched for time to even plan the party – let alone pay for it! You still want your Christmas party to be special and memorable. Times have changed, for sure, but cutting

Have Your Next Business Meeting at a PA Winery Meeting Space

Where Are You Planning Your Next Corporate Meeting? Have you been assigned the task of picking the place for your next corporate meeting? There’s a lot riding on this decision as your friends may have mentioned said it had better be nicer than the last place you met! You’ve had little luck making a list of typical places you’ve heard about. A few are too small. Now you’re trying to think outside the box for a place that is unique and attractive for all different types of people. Have you thought about having it at a local winery that has

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