Wine Spotlight: Deer Creek Raspberry

For our first spotlight wine — we wanted to highlight the first wine we ever sold. Afterall, we opened our doors in September, 2009, offering only this one wine!  We had a couple acres of raspberries on our land and then decided to start a winery using those raspberries grown right here! It was quite laborious to get all of them picked at just the right time, but it was ever so rewarding when people came and loved our Deer Creek Raspberry wine!  It has been on our wine list ever since and will continue to be! It is 100%

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Where to Buy a Delectable Wine Sorbet or Ice Cream

So you’ve heard about wine sorbet, that delicious adult dessert. But where do you buy it? You can’t order it online because it is frozen! So where do you get a frozen wine treat? There are wine slushies or smoothies that many wineries offer now. There are more like a milkshake made with wine. Wine sorbet is a frozen dessert that is made with wine as one of the ingredients and then frozen while in an ice cream making machine where it is whipped up while freezing. Your mouth can feel the ice crystals more than ice cream, but oh

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Wine Sorbet or Ice Cream

The weather is hot again, and what is more refreshing than having some wine or some ice cream? Why should you have to choose? Did you know there is ice cream and frozen sorbet that is made with wine? We call it Delectable! Why? Let’s define it!   de·lec·ta·ble dəˈlektəb(ə)l/ adjective (of food or drink) delicious. “delectable handmade chocolates” Synonyms: delicious, mouthwatering, appetizing, flavorful, toothsome, palatable, succulent, luscious, tasty, informal, scrumptious, delish, yummy, finger-licking, lip-smacking, melt-in-your-mouth.   At Deer Creek Winery, we make our own frozen wine treat: Delectable, Wine Sorbets! They are everything the word above means. It’s always

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