Ladies: Here’s What to Wear to a PA Winery for Every Occasion

Half the fun of going somewhere new and exciting is finding the perfect outfit to wear so you’re comfortable, fashionable, and ready for any activities on the agenda — and visiting a PA winery is not any different! Luckily, we’ve crafted the perfect outfit for every season so you don’t have to spend hours standing in front of your closet, agonizing over what to wear. First Thing’s First: Decide What You’re Doing at the PA Winery Maybe you’re headed to a tasting to find your new favorite wine, or taking a weekend getaway with your girlfriends, or experiencing a fun

The Lowdown on Our Springfest 2018 Hoedown

It’s that beautiful time of year again… time for spring! And with that comes Spring Fest 2018 at Deer Creek Winery! We are in full swing of preparations for this special event, and we are excited to share this weekend with you. From Friday, May 18th to Sunday, May 20th our main location will be packed with fun for you and your family and friends to enjoy! What To Expect: We are busy finding and buying decorations for this year’s Western Hoedown themed event! That means bandanas, cowboy boots, wagon wheels, straw — you name it! We are also mapping

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The 8-Step Checklist to a Wonderful PA Winery Tour Experience

The days grow delightfully longer and warmer. So let’s plan some recreation and relaxation. Even better, let’s find some fun off the beaten path. How about a PA winery tour? If you’ve experienced one before, you’re likely familiar with the: Choice wine selection Laid-back atmosphere Cultural experience Generous hospitality With some luck, you might just stumble upon a winery with an inn on the premises to enjoy the stay a little longer. Here Are Some Activities to Check Off Your PA Winery Tour List 1. Sample the Wine (Of Course)   First things first. You’re there on a mission, and

Why You Should Spend Your Spring Break at a PA Winery

Maybe you’re a junior or senior in college, balancing the the fun of college and the looming professional world, or maybe you’re a hardworking teacher who needs a break from the chaos of the classroom — either way, you know how important Spring Break can be for your mental health and relaxation. So why spend the time and money to plan an extravagant vacation somewhere far away, and packed with people, when you could relax at a cozy PA winery instead? Here are five of the best reasons to spend your Spring Break at a winery: 5 Reasons to Spend

8 Great Reasons for a Summer Vacation at Deer Creek Winery

Are you stuck about where to take your summer vacation this year? We certainly hope you’re already planning your escape. No, of course it’s not too early to think about these things! Here are 8 reasons to pick a winery … that just so happens to double as an inn/B&B … that also just so happens to offer rustic relaxation. I might just I know of a place. 1. Rustic Relaxation We’ve said it already. Your vacation time is worth its weight in gold – and then some. Don’t spend it stressed out, thinking about work and life’s many trials

9 Reasons to Celebrate Your Next Birthday at a PA Winery

Birthdays are the only day during the year that is all about you! So be sure to not get too caught up on the idea of getting older, and celebrate the beautiful place you’re at in life. Of course, traditions are important, like when your Aunt Mel calls and sings “Happy Birthday” over the phone every year. But it can also be fun to stray from what you’ve always done and try something new. And who knows – it might just become a new tradition! Here are 9 reasons that a winery birthday party  should be on your list this

The Health Benefits of Drinking Wine Before Bed on Your Girls’ Night

We all know the agenda on a girls’ night. Bedtime doesn’t come end until: The last drop of wine is sipped The last laugh is had The last tear is shed You’re looking for the evening to run a gamut of wonderful emotions in a few short hours with some very close friends. It’s therapeutic. It’s decompressing. It’s healthy from a variety of perspectives. The wine you’re drinking in moderation at your girls’ night plays actually plays a more important role in those health benefits (psychologically and physiologically) than you might think. Whether your extracurricular evening is at a girlfriend’s

2017/18 Wine Holidays: Celebrate at Deer Creek Winery or Our Outlet Locations

There’s always something happening at Deer Creek! Fall is definitely wine season! The long-awaited grape and fruit harvest is happening all around our region, and gallons upon gallons of juice are being pressed and stored until it’s time to be turned into wine! About 25,000 gallons of that juice will be coming to our Deer Creek Winery warehouse in the next 12 months to be turned into about 125,000 bottles of your favorite wine! Here are some more great ways to enjoy the upcoming seasons here. Shippenville Main Winery & Inn B&B – Fall 2017 Old Fashioned Corn Roast Over

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Surprise Your Partner with a Deer Creek Winery Getaway

Imagine the look on your sweetheart’s face when showing up for a surprise Deer Creek Winery getaway. Perhaps you’ve hopped in the car and wouldn’t say where you’re going. Maybe you’ve even gone on a long bike ride and promised you’d find a hot tub that night for both of you to relax (we’ve actually seen this before). Did you go so far as to use a blindfold? That would make things interesting! No matter your story, a Deer Creek Winery getaway is the perfect all-in-one package. You get one place for one price to enjoy a nearly endless list

The Perfect Recipe for a Deer Creek Winery Getaway

Folks from all walks of life visit our beautiful Western PA Winery and Inn for a variety of reasons. At Deer Creek Winery, we’re honored to host: Newlyweds and wedding receptions Anniversary getaways Wine tasters Live entertainment Relaxing destination seekers Tourist excursions And even business conferences With so much popularity, it’s difficult to contain our excitement. Our hard work since opening in 2009 (on the land our family has cultivated for 5 generations) makes it all possible — for you. There’s a recipe behind what makes our quaint countryside B&B so special. Start with a splash of wine, add 2

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9 Things You’ll Only Find At Deer Creek Winery

Perhaps you have just one special thing you’d love to do. Or maybe you and your sweetheart have a whole itinerary of plans for a successful PA weekend getaway. You’ll have loads of options at Deer Creek Winery. We pride ourselves on having a little something for everybody, because we’re so much more than just your average winery. If you want: Live entertainment A wine culture experience Romance A natural retreat Upscale comfort Supreme relaxation You’ll find it here! Deer Creek Winery is the Perfect PA Weekend Getaway 1. Room Selection We have 8 gorgeous guest rooms, each seasonally and

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