Business Travel Tips: 5 Reasons to Stay at an Inn B&B

The most serious business travelers spend a lot of time on the road. They sleep in unfamiliar beds and eat unfamiliar meals in unfamiliar places. Some of the time, these road warriors would say, business travel can involve exhilarating stops full of new experiences, places, people. More often, however, it’s an exhausting, repetitive, dull parade of meetings and cookie-cutter hotel rooms. So if you’re planning some business travel (for yourself or a team of employees), choose a home away from home for your accommodations. You may even stumble upon some “rustic relaxation” in the heart of rural Western PA.  Upcoming

Have Your Work Christmas Party at Deer Creek Winery

The last quarter of 2017 is just around the corner, and that means Christmas is coming pretty fast! It’s a great time for companies to take a moment to reflect on the year and to thank staff members for jobs well done. It used to be every company had these big elaborate gatherings. But things have changed. Companies have to cut corners in many ways, and everyone is crunched for time to even plan the party – let alone pay for it! You still want your Christmas party to be special and memorable. Times have changed, for sure, but cutting

Have Your Next Business Meeting at a PA Winery Meeting Space

Where Are You Planning Your Next Corporate Meeting? Have you been assigned the task of picking the place for your next corporate meeting? There’s a lot riding on this decision as your friends may have mentioned said it had better be nicer than the last place you met! You’ve had little luck making a list of typical places you’ve heard about. A few are too small. Now you’re trying to think outside the box for a place that is unique and attractive for all different types of people. Have you thought about having it at a local winery that has

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10 Things a PA Winery Party Venue Includes

It’s More Than Just Wine! Trying to find the right place for your next event can be very exhausting and time consuming. Here are some tips on why choosing a PA winery as the event locations is a great idea! 1. Relaxing Atmosphere People think of a winery as a relaxing place to come and unwind. Your party already gets off to a less stressful time just having it at a winery. 2. Nicely Decorated Areas Deer Creek Winery offers a couple different room and venue options, and all are very tastefully decorated so all you have to do is

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5 Things Your Meeting Venue Should Include

Meetings are meant to inspire. The same ole, same ole just doesn’t cut it anymore. Most meeting planners are trying to keep up with a work escape and the ultimate surprise. A work-related activity has taken a whole new meaning. Anyone in sales knows the more senses you can apply to your message the more the message will stay in the old memory banks. Creating a unique sensory experience which facilitates team building and bonding are key to many corporate trainings, business meetings, and strategic planning meetings. In today’s tough economy, businesses need to use every opportunity for them to

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10 Business Meeting Planning Tips

Business or corporate meetings provide a critical platform to inspire innovation and generate new great ideals. A corporate or business event that generates excitement or interest among employees is motivational and rewarding. What is the most valuable resource for any company or small business? It’s the PEOPLE!  A smart company president knows the product doesn’t sell itself. It is the old “you can lead a horse to water and he will not drink” concept. The employees are, in fact, what separates a successful company from the pack of so-so businesses unable to adapt to changing times to reach ambitious goals.

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