9 Reasons a PA Winery is the Perfect Place for Your Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are the only day during the year that is all about you! So be sure to not get too caught up on the idea of getting older, and celebrate the beautiful place you’re at in life. Of course, traditions are important, like when your Aunt Mel calls and sings “Happy Birthday” over the phone every year. But it can also be fun to stray from what you’ve always done and try something new. And who knows – it might just become a new tradition! Here are 9 reasons that a winery birthday celebration should be on your list this

Dry vs. Sweet Wine: How Are They Made Differently?

Dry vs. sweet wines – that sparks a debate among many people and even wine-loving friends! It is quite a simple explanation, but people will debate the issue time and time again! Let’s break down how dry and sweet wines are made. The Wine-Making Process Simply put, all wines pretty much start out as a dry wine. Wine begins as a vat of juice from a food source. It has natural sugars that yeast will eat, which causes fermentation as it’s digested. Sugar can also be added to the juice to make the process even faster; more sugars lead to faster

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Work Travel Tips: 5 Reasons to Stay at an Inn B&B Known for ‘Rustic Relaxation’

The most serious business travelers spend a lot of time on the road. They sleep in unfamiliar beds and eat unfamiliar meals in unfamiliar places. Some of the time, these road warriors would say, business travel can involve exhilarating stops full of new experiences, places, people. More often, however, it’s an exhausting, repetitive, dull parade of meetings and cookie-cutter hotel rooms. So if you’re planning some work travel (for yourself or a team of employees), choose a home away from home for your accommodations. You may even stumble upon some “rustic relaxation” in the heart of rural Western PA.  Upcoming

Food for Thought: Great Wedding Reception Menu Ideas

You’re planning your wedding, and you want it to be memorable and enjoyable for your guests.  There are so many things to decide and even more things to plan. What’s going to be the date? Where will you get married? What will your colors be? Who’s going to be in our wedding? The lists go on and on.   One big thing is to decide what kind of food to serve on the wedding reception menu. That decision alone brings with it another list of other questions that need answered FIRST: What time of year will it be? Do I

How Much Wine to Buy for Your Wedding

And Other Great Things You Can Do with Wine at the Reception Who doesn’t love wine at a wedding reception? With that in mind, how much wine do you need to purchase and what kinds? How much to buy is probably the easier question to answer than what kind. Once you know how many wine lovers will be there, you’ll be able to determine how much to purchase. Make sure the wine glasses, or disposable cups, are a 5 oz serving size. People usually fill the glasses half full so it would be an 8-10 oz wine glass. Typically guests

January is Wedding Planning Season

You probably know a few people who got engaged over the holidays. It’s the biggest time of year to pop the question! If you are the one with the new diamond on your hand, I’m sure your head is swimming with ideas of what you want for what you can afford. There is so much time and stress put into wedding days when, in reality, it has virtually nothing to do with how strong your marriage will be after your big day. So take a breath and relax. There’s time to get it all figured out! Deciding on a date

5 Health Reasons You Need to Plan a Girls’ Getaway, like, Yesterday

Of course hanging out with your best gal pals is fun. You don’t need us to tell you that! But did you know that there can be some serious advantages to your overall wellness when you take some time out of your busy life and dedicate it to spending with your friends? Total relaxation Did you know that studies have shown that hanging out with friends can counteract stress and tension? It’s due to the oxytocin released by your brain which counteracts stress, prompted by hanging out with your friends! But science-y stuff aside, spending a weekend de-stressing with your

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Romantic Winter Getaway Ideas

Let’s all just admit it once and for all: the months around the holiday season are stressful. You jump from Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to New Years, to Valentine’s Day – AH! With all of the planning, traveling, and socializing, there is barely time to squeeze in a second to enjoy the cozy winter months with your partner. Why not change that? Taking a spontaneous, romantic getaway is the perfect way to keep the flame alive in the cold winter months. Location is key, whether near or far No matter how long you’ve been together, there is nothing more exciting than

7+ Wine Gifts for the Wine Lovers on Your List

Find the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life at Deer Creek Winery this holiday! Visit us at one of our five outlet locations or stop at our main winery in beautiful Shippenville, PA, where you can enjoy our on-site cafe, catch some of our amazing live music, or even stay overnight in one of our gorgeous guest rooms! Here are 7+ Gifts to Cover Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List: 1. Wine Glasses We’ve got a great selection of hand-painted wine glasses from local artists – great ideas for friends who appreciate handmade artistry and supporting local

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Are You Prepared for Your Bridal Shower?

January is right around the corner. The New Year is the perfect time to start thinking about your bridal shower. The holiday season is certain to bring out the love and seal the deal with a ring for a lot of lucky couples. Now the planning begins! There are so many things to think about, but it usually begins with: The ceremony date Venues for the wedding and reception And, of course, the bridal shower! The bridal shower is a time for more intimate friends and family to gather and bestow blessings on the bride-to-be. The venue must be big

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How to Pick the Best Wines for Christmas Parties

Your Christmas party is right around the corner, and you’re in panic mode trying to find the perfect wine. Relax. Don’t make it more complicated than it has to be. Some choose the basic wine staples, perhaps even offering both a red and a white like a cabernet and a chardonnay for a better chance at pleasing an entire gathering. Why not try going local? If you happen to be trekking through picturesque Western PA, why not try one of the great wineries? (I just happen to know of a beautiful winery B&B and events center in rural Shippenville.) But seriously, folks, whether

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8 Inspiring Wine Crafts for the Holidays

The crafty among us really get going as the holidays roll around each year. Why? Because it’s SO MUCH FUN! But there’s also the added benefit of creating something from the heart to give to someone close to your heart. An empty wine bottle or glass can serve many purposes. You can: Paint it Fill it Cut it Hang it Make it sing Let’s find some inspiration. Check Out These Awesome Wine Crafts 1. Hanging Lanterns With some bottles, chains, candles, and a tile saw you can reimagine wine bottles as illuminating additions to a porch or patio. 2. Pine-Scented

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