Wine Weekend Getaways – No Designated Driver Necessary

Let’s all have a great time – including your usual DD!

Give the DD a night off at a PA winery bed and breakfast. The Inn at Deer Creek Winery is the perfect place to enjoy all the winery has to offer, rest easy, and wake up refreshed with a made-to-order breakfast.

Guestrooms for Weekend Getaways

Our 8 seasonally and culturally inspired rooms are the gold standard in luxurious comfort. Each features a fireplace and most also have an in-room Jacuzzi.

Even their names hold special meaning.

Brooks Deluxe

No Designated Driver Necessary at a B&B


It’s our finest room. We’d stake our name on it. Enjoy our outstanding amenities, and step outside to the balcony to take in the beauty of our woods.



CelebrationNo Designated Driver Necessary at a B&B

Celebrate life here. Our aptly named Celebration room is the place to mark happy moments like a wedding anniversary, birthday, job promotion, or just being alive.


Autumn in Italy

No Designated Driver Necessary at a B&B


With a tapestry painting of the Roman Colosseum accented by warm, seasonal colors, our Autumn in Italy room brings the feel of Tuscany to the heart of Western PA.



Deer CreekNo Designated Driver Necessary at a B&B

For 5 generations, our family has treasured these woods. Deer Creek, our namesake room, pays tribute to the beautiful Pennsylvania wilderness that surrounds our Inn and Winery.


Spring in Spain

No Designated Driver Necessary at a B&B


Cultural treasures our daughter collected while on a trip abroad adorn our popular Spring in Spain room. You don’t have to travel half the world away to experience the spirit of the Spanish countryside.



Winter in ParisNo Designated Driver Necessary at a B&B

Decorated with wintry hues and French accents, our beautiful Winter in Paris room pays homage to La Ville Lumière (the City of Lights).



Summer in California

No Designated Driver Necessary at a B&B


You’ll feel a breath away from the Pacific Coast in our Summer in California room. Find your beach, figuratively, and relax with a bottle of your favorite wine.



Vintner’sNo Designated Driver Necessary at a B&B

We are vintners, after all, and our passion for making great wine comes through in the design of this room.



Don’t Forget to Treat Your DD!

Everyone is welcome, and this time everyone can feel free to partake in the the whole experience:

  • Tour the winery and sample to your heart’s desire
  • Taste our newest wines and reminisce over traditional favorites
  • Bottle your own wine
  • Relax outdoors by a warm fire
  • Enjoy weekly musical acts
  • Schedule a reservation around popular events here and in surrounding areas
  • Wash, rinse, repeat!

Don’t hold back, and don’t worry about it getting repetitive. There’s always something new to discover. You may just learn more about yourself, or rekindle your romantic passion.


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